My top 10 food choices for PPMS

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Beetroot
  3. Broccoli
  4. Onions
  5. Garlic
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Honey
  8. Red Grapes
  9. Water Melon
  10. Hazel Nuts

There’s loads more I personally choose & a few others like baking soda, limes, lemons, avocado, mixed herds, grapefruit, blueberries, olive oil, fresh fish, chicken & good beef stew with green beans. Mentioning food makes me hungry.

Making a super special spaghetti bolognese today. Saving all the cuttings for the steamer. To make an all over body scrub. After adding a few essential oils for a more pleasant smell & gritty sea salts.

The main thing is drinking plenty of water & getting fresh air outdoors in natural light.

Take it easy out there folks.

Terry is in the middle of some spring cleaning. It keeps me fit.

Been using coconut oil spray for dry skin. Making jars of whole garlic cloves with honey, onion & Chia seeds to eat. With pints of cold water to wash the mix down.

For swollen limbs I’m spraying water vapour infused with the foods I’m eating & the circulation booster. From struggling to walk, I’m now doing squats & breathing much better. My purple swollen leg is looking more like normal & doing press ups is a bit easier. Use it or lose it, is the mantra I use.

This is not the cure! It just improves things, for a better quality of life.

It’s good to hear that Terry . You will have to make a recipe book . Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

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I agree Michelle. The research has to be done first & avoiding input from those without PPMS. First hand experiences count. It’s bad enough struggling with all the other bullcrap life throws at us. I’m very glad of the path I chose & sharing my experiences. If I had of kept listening to others, I’d be dead by now. It’s quite shocking, that some people get paid to help & it’s obvious they have a different agenda. Trust your instincts folks. There’s some really bad stuff going on in this world. There’s some good stuff too. Like the common wealth games in Australia.

Going with the flow. Rad grape juice, ice cold water, lemonade, tea, coffee, black current, coffee liqueur. In the order of the days use. Fluids seems very important & avoiding all the stress givers. It’s good to have a chocolate treat now & then. To improve the mental state. Yet getting outdoors, is the best method. Take it easy out there folks. Best regards Terry.

Put a BIG spoon of baking soda in my coffee last night & this morning. Gone through 2 toilet rolls of snot collection so far. Yet surprisingly, even though my nose is red raw & there’s loads of blood clot discharge. It feels like something positive is going on. Maybe it’s just a false flag & misinformed signals. Thank heavens, I’m not an ungreatful git. Marching around, ranting useless crap. World ware 3 is going on, inside my body. Attacking from all angles & causing confusion. Terry will survive!

Hi Terry, do you find giving up dairy helps ms, i have just finished reading wahls and heard good things i did do a post but i do need to lose some weight and get walking again after my fall and sprain in my foot i am sick of this chair now i have only had ms 5 years in September so would like some advice i have uveitis and people have said doing wahls cured theres what do you think?

Marie xx

Me personally. I chose to stop using bottled milk. Yet I still use condensed milk & cheese. I would cut dairy completely, but it’s in most foods I like. I use boiled water on my Weetabix & drink loads of grape juice. There’s definatly something good in changing diet & exercising. The foot I drag about is showing signs of looking normal. It’s just weak now & the muscle isn’t doing as it’s told. Using sports supports helps. They’re like elasticated bandages that improve circulation. I’ve got gel insoles in my shoes for extra bounce & comfort. Anything that could help, is worth a go. Use it of lose it. All my best Marie. We’re all in the same boat. Terry

Thanks Terry i like my cups of tea so going to be hard i do the ms gym programme too but after i fracture i was stuck in my wheelchair happened in november after a fall so the facture still haasn’y healed completely.

so will try wahls well some of it at least might still have my cups of tea i just want to get walking again i am only 37 and had ms 5 years nearly i want to get better xx

Marie xx

Good luck to you Marie. It’s hard to stop doing the things we do. I’ve just been going through a process of elimination, in the trial of getting back to where I was, before being diagnosed & listening to advice from the so called experts. I went to my local MS group today & spoke to a lovely young women, diagnosed with RRMS at 23. She’s now 29 & trying to keep on her feet. Respect to anyone with the will to not give up. The weaker a person becomes. The less chance there is of building our strength & improving the outlook. Improve as best you can & keep pushing! Terry