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Hi Guys, ive been looking at some articles on the internet that state: Certain foods increase the effects of MS. I was diagnosed with PPMS in July 2011 and since then have experienced some dramatic effects with spasticity in my legs after certain foods. Just now, as im typing this after having sausage, chips & baked beans for my dinner and my legs are flying up all over the place with spasms. The spasms will only last for about an hour, or if i hobble about on my feet for a bit, but its so frustrating. Do certain types of food & drink enhance any symptoms for you ? Ive heard red meat, dairy, fizzy drinks are ones to avoid too. What are your thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Dave, yeah there are a lot of MS diets that say that low fat help symptoms, or gluten free, or low dairy. Fish, on other hand, is said to be very good for MS.

Personally I just try to eat a healthy balanced diet… lots of fruit and veg… but I simply have to have chocolate in the mix somewhere!

If you find something that worsens symptoms than obviously it’s best to avoid. Sausage, chips and beans is high in fat so it sounds like fats might be no good for you (although the beans are good).

I haven’t found anything that improves my symptoms or made them worse… except of alcohol unfortunately. Oh how I miss a glass of red wine! Last time I had one (about 4 years ago) I ended up in a pub toilet burning up, dizzy, bad tummy (that’s a polite way of putting it) and feeling very drunk. I had drunk about half of a small glass of wine!

Now teetotal.

Try going low fat for a while and see if there’s a sustained improvement.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, i will try. But buying all that healthy food is expensive.

Haaaaaa, i agree with you there about the alcohol. I’m not on any medication and tend to use alcohol as a muscle relaxant at home after a day in work, but even after 1 can of lager and it feels like ive had about 10 ! Hence why I don’t go out anymore. Even if i went to the pub to watch the footy and have a coke, my balance makes me look drunk and i get questioned by the management… :frowning: Its very embarrassing. I went once with a walking stick as a visible aid and an excuse to wobble, but they wouldn’t let me in as i had an apparent offensive weapon !!!

I will keep a foods diary and see what works/helps & what doesn’t. I’ve heard certain foods release a toxin/fats into the body & nervous system, so the bodies immune system attacks it thinking its an antibody. Hence MS … the bodies immune system attacks cells in the nervous system and damages the nerves :frowning:

I’ll just have to change my shopping list now and go all out natural foods. Im ok though… i dont like chocolate :wink:

Hi again Dave (we must stop meeting like this…)

Nobody actually knows why the damage starts in the brain… but yes, the immune systems see’s the damage as ‘foreign body’ and attacks it… so we have the original damage and then more damage from the immune system attacks.

But really nobody knows what causes the damage in the first place… loads of theories but nothing is proved.

You might have noticed that you are not picking up viruses or bugs? Lots of us have that… it’s because our immune systems are in ‘battle mode’ the whole time so no virus or bug stands a chance. You’d think it was great not getting ill with anything else but is actually a sign of an over-active immune system and is not healthy.

And if a virus or bug does get through the defences… beware. It’s not fun.

Wow you don’t like chocolate?! Men! Alien species… lol…

Pat x

Tell me about it… Ive got a cold as we speak. Those people who moan about ‘Man Flu’ dont know their born !!! haaaaaaa

Hello Dave, the food thing is really important. i have what might be termed as a very healthy well balanced diet with a few treats and a regular alcohol intake! When someone has questioned my sobriety (because of the way I walk) . I tend to begin explaining the details of MS and its symptoms, before mentioning that an apology will not be accepted. Just keep your food healthy and take the time to prepare it-it takes me ages to chop an onion. It has made a real difference. best wishes, Steve.

Thanks Steve. A trip to the supermarket is much needed then :slight_smile:

Hi Dave, I’ve tried various MS diets…all to no avail…I agree with the others…a healthy low fat diet with the odd treat is what seems to suit most of us. I know there are folk who do manage to stick to some very very strict diets and say they reap rewards but goodness they are so very very difficult. Years ago on my very first appointment with an MS nurse I asked the question" should I be on the swanks or best bet diet" …the reply " don’t you think you have enough to contend with, if they really helped they would be recommended by the MS Society and the MS trust". As a rule of thumb I have reminded my self of this advice several times over the years …why suffer anymore than we have to? However, I am one of the people who would recommend LDN…not a miracle cure but it’s certainly helped improve a few symptoms for me. Would be happy to give more LDN info if you are interested. Best wishes, Nina

Hi Dave

I agree, try to eat healthy food, but don’t forget the occasional


Can’t understand how you do not like chocolate…never

mind, I will have your share for you!

Take care, and welcome to our “gang”

Pam x

Hi Nina: I dont know what LDN is, so yes any info will be welcome. Im at the stage of researching what works/what doesnt at the mo as I know we are all different in terms of symptoms. I joined this forum for that exact reason & to talk to other similar people and understand their thoughts and experiences. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Pam: I have had a very bad diet of junk food & alcohol for many years now and i blame most of my symptoms on my past lifestyle. I do like chocolate, but its one of those things i have to be in the mood for if you know what i mean. A Vanilla Slice with a proper custard filling beats any form of chocolate any day. As mentioned to Nina above. Ive joined this forum to learn from you guys and i have already found some of the topics and comments very useful… Im now a member of your gang ! :wink:

I am not alone anymore :slight_smile: x

Dave… don’t blame any past lifestyle for your MS.

People with MS come from a whole range of different backrounds and lifestyles… nothing has ever been proved about diet, booze, drugs or anything.

There is a school of thought that smoking might cause MS. Well if that was the case there would have been LOADS more people in the past with MS when just about everyone smoked. Also there would be LOADS of Japanese and Chinese with MS as they smoke more than anyone else… yet MS is hardly known in either country.

Not sure if you smoke. I do.

We got MS because we got it… none of us deserved to get it and none of us can be blamed for having it.

Pat x

Maybe im Just looking for answers. Its the researcher in me im affraid x

I agree with Pat, this MS marlarkey is not down to any previous

lifestyle, so don’t get hung up about that, people from all walks of

life have it.

I like the sound of the vanilla slice (especially if it had chocolate

custard) lol

Pam x

Hi, PLEASE PLEASE don’t blame yourself…our lack of sunshine…a cockeyed gene…maybe. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you do that. Research, read, learn, volunteer, study alternative therapies do whatever you feel like doing…just not blaming yourself. Nina

Hi Everyone.

Sorry to butt in on your conversation but have any of you seen a great improvement on the bladder front when you subsidize normal tea for the decaf version? I’m a true tea urn and definitely noticed that I can “let go” much easier with decaf. Whether or not the headache from caffeine withdrawal is worth it or not I’ve yet to discover but I’m trying to fool myself by putting a combination of the two types of bags into the tea caddy and so far so good. Maybe the mix is the answer, but my health has now caused me so many limitations that tea is the one luxury I’m holding onto with all my remaining strength.

Take care.

Cath x

I think you’re onto something there.

I drink Red Bush tea in the evening so caffeine doesn’t keep me awake (it’s an African tea that is naturally without caffeine) … and yes maybe everything flows a little easier at that time.

Pat x