Cancelling the MS Society account

Since my diagnosis 4 years ago. When I went to my local GP’s because I couldn’t stand up & was told to go home & sleep by some idiot who wanted to be the Mayor, instead of practising medicine. Revered to be a god by the local Mosques.

After a visit to the hospital & an MRI, then told I had PPMS. I’ve had nothing but grief. All my savings stolen, constantly hounded by drug dealers & since getting my driving license returned. Always having difficulties finding somewhere to park in an area where every man & his dog is a Taxi driver.

Constantly being told I have mental issues & referred to groups of people with addiction problems.

I seem to be doing all the right things for the health problem. Nothing I’m advised to, I might add.

From Social Services, to religious fanatics & political gibberish. How on earth does anything help, when it’s all aimed at self preservation of those in the know, who steel what they can, to elevate their self worth & fakery. Using computer technology to steer the herd to chaos & strife.

I voted Labour & to stay in the EU. It wasn’t me shipping & trafficking refuges to work in UK car washes or as labourers on building sites.

I’m a white British male & made to feel ashamed of the country I was born & raised. All for the sake of scroungers.

If people knew how bad people with MS eventually get with a total lack of structure & guidance, by someone who see’s the real truth about the people who are thriving from all this mayhem & contradiction.

Only joking! I’m here to stay. Where can I go? I’m a white English man, existing in England. Ignoring what others tell me to do.

Time for a cup of tea & a biscuit. Sod what anyone else thinks.

I’ll power my sound studio up & go underground. Getting in touch with the vibration of mother earth.

Terry is a closed cell. Imprisoned by vultures. MS gets on my nerves!

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Hi Terry it’s good that you are staying , you must like us all too much . I’ve found this site very helpful, we all need support at times. Michelle and Frazer xx

I just get sick of all the communications with civillians where I live. Apparently I’m lucky, because I’m told I can’t work. Folks queuing up to ask for loans, before they dissapear to a club. Never to be seen again. Been looking at vans & spoken to like a fool. Apparently Multiple Sclerosis makes us seem clueless. Get a van on mobility for £240 a month & a £3000 deposit. Or buy a van for £1000 cash & do what you want with it. Whenever you want, too. Constantly told I should be in a wheelchair, when I struggle to stand or walk. Apparently It’s unfair I passed my driving test 25 years ago & know how to drive. I put the blue badge on my dashboard & get looks of disgust. I’m becoming so thick skinned. I just ignore everyone & their snide comments. The sounds I make on my synthesizers aren’t their thing, so I should stop playing. Why buy a table for the garden, it’s winter? Why buy a hammer, when you have bags of nails? I’ll fit that 50p light bulb for £20. It will only take 2 hours. I’m thinking someone has been adding stuff to their water. Go & fetch me a long weight & some tartan paint. This site is useful. Yet it seems to be targetted by folks with a very strange outlook. From what I’m led to believe. Primary Progressive MS isn’t that bad. It’s definately not a walk in the park! Keep active folks & eat healthier. The Aliens are coming! Terry

What can I say?

Last week my patient transport was late and I was castigated for being late. I was called to a room and deprived of my jacket and shirt.

The consultant looked confused. She watched as I struggled to dress again the told me she had nothing to say because my blood samples should have been in bottles with red lids.

I went home. Now I’m to arrange my own blood tests.

I too have people after my wealth. They think I’m ripe for manipulation because I’m now a fool.

Shall we start a grump magazine?

We’d be awesome.


Grump magazine seems a winner Steve. Or is it a whiner? These so called helpers haven’t got a clue what MS is like. Once in the system of care, trying to look after yourself, causes problems. I wen to look at a van today & was told it’s a £4,600 none refundable deposit & £240 a month. I then found a decent van for £4,500 & was quoted £235 for the years insurance. I’m not that great at Maths, but I could be quids in. A guy said he would fit me a ramp for £50. What to do… The last Taxi I caught, dropped me at the wrong hospital, couldn’t speak English & drove off. I too ended up missing my appointment & waiting at the back of the queue. Not even a sorry or a discounted fair back home. Since driving myself. I don’t suffer such problems & can do way more with my days. Terry