PPMS the housebound digs!

Hi there folks.

Been noticing a few digs from some, who seem to think I should pay for company. I don’t get out much because I’ve been struggling to walk. Apparently I should hire someone to talk to.

I’ve got plenty of hobbies I get on with thanks & I’m cooking like crazy to put on a bit of weight. Not comfort eating, but to fuel the machine with healthy sustenance. The struggle makes me try harder to build muscle. Use it or lose it. Being 48, I’m no longer a teenager, yet some claim to be, simply because they can walk better & further.

If I get out & socialize. Apparently I’m craving attention.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

What happened to people just being normal & decent. With no hidden agenda?

Terry is building a camper van to get away. They don’t like that.

Why on earth would you pay for someone to talk to? After all, you’re sociable enough on here. And that’s without having to brave the cold weather, leave a comfy armchair and risk other people’s germs.

It seems to me you do plenty of socialising, what’s this forum for if it’s not to ‘meet’ other people and talk about whatever is important in our lives.

I think you’re dead right Terry. Let anyone who has a pop at you to get on with their own miserable lives and you enjoy exactly what you want to do.


You’re right Sue. I get on with stuff & some folks treat me as a punch bag for their frustrations. Simply because we cope. It seems to annoy those who struggle with problems I wish I had. I’m walking in circles just lately & unsure which direction to take. So someone dumps a car on me, that needs an engine rebuild. Just to help me. I manage to fix their problem, then they disappear. Look like I’m enjoying myself & expect the dump any second. Now you’re not so perky! That alone puts me on edge. Enjoy yourselves & be selfish. People with problems, will always target the vulnerable. They’re tough.

I once read you cannot be responsible for others perception of you so if you waste your time and energy worrying about their thoughts you are playing the game in reverse, STOP WORRYING others will judge you regardless of what you think and will always do so. Don

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Don the Guru, thanks. I know how things work. I whine because I can.

I’ve been struggling, living on my own for 15 years. I’m quite sure that’s why I’m targetted.

I don’t mind helping others out, but on my terms & avoiding blame.

You can do what I would do call them ot and shame them.I will cross the road to shake the hand of someone trying to avoid me especially if they owe me money the first advice is the sensible one but I would never take it ATTACK is the only form of defence in my own book. Don

I use that phrase to Dom. ATTACK is the best form of DEFENCE. Folks who curl up & cower, tend to get an extra dose.

The people who owe me money, seem to of gone off grid & nobody knows where they’re hiding.

All I get these days, is local pot dealers trying to convince me, they sell the cure for MS.

I don’t pay for common sense, I own it already.

Smoked Kippers for my dinner today.

Ignore digs Terry, some people just don’t have an opinion that matters So don’t let it matter to you.

Sonia x

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Cheers Sonia. I do ignore the numpty heads. Being called a spastic & other stupid remarks is just turning me into a thick skinned trooper. I’ll stick to my routine & dodge the drug pushers. It’s all about money to them & how much they can rob.

I’ll be sending them a Christmas card & be enjoying all the festivities, with some good folks.

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We are the warriors.

I’m lying in wait behind the walls of recovery.

I’m going out tomorrow, Is the world ready? Am I ready? Competitors ready. Gladiators ready. (Blows whistle as muscle-bound men swing off ropes.

Rock on.


Steve & the virtual quill. Back on the Blogg & his home bog. Able to feed himself what he wishes & washing his dishes.

I just had my Coffee & baking soda, a swig of apple cider vinegar. Now I’m foaming at the mouth. GRRR!!!

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