Trying to help others with MS

My personal issues with Primary Progressive MS are totally ignored.

The obvious rapid decline & all the things I’m doing to change the situation. Trying to show others with MS, how I manage the problems, is so frustrating.

When someone tells me, they need to get out & I make an effort to help. Being bombarded with their problems & getting into debates. Comparing symptoms, when mine apparently, do not exist, is driving me around the twist.

Having a relapse once, 25 years ago & milking it, isn’t the same.

Getting drunk every night & claiming it’s MS, is not the same either.

Mention it & insanity begins. These people should know better, but they obviously read to much from the Internet & claim it’s their fact. It is forcing me to close down, so they can carry on spreading their fakery.

Back to being selfish & living my life I go.

Terry is going to have a breakdown!

At first I tried to help folk understand that there is more than one type of MS and family and the friends that hung about listened. There is no telling some people though.

I tend to direct people to this site. If they cared they’d look. They don’t. It’s not a sign of age, it’s a sign of MS. Get that into your heads, you Johnny half-wits. If you want to feel special and unique, be yourself thickos. Ooh, I could go to the foot of our stairs.

Steve Snore, still wired at silly o’'clock.

Look after number one. You’re on your own anyway. People give the impression they want to help but it’s short lived. Your destiny is in your hands.

Unfortunately some people love the idea of being either chronically ill or disabled and have to compete to have the toughest time of it. That’s fair enough if their lives are so miserable they don’t want to live it. When you look at the people on this forum though you’ll notice that yes, we all have bad days, weeks etc, but the worst affected are those still trying to live a decent life, forcing themselves to get out or find a hobby or interest. I look up to those people as I know how frustrating it can be, but even with a horrible diagnosis and symptoms, they’re not going to just sit on the sofa and let a diagnosis ruin their lives. You’re one of the inspiring ones Terry, don’t let the others get you down. Cath

Cheers Cath. The negative crap, has been fuelling my plans. It’s been showing me who I need to avoid & why I need to stick at it. Getting stuck in the traffic, or taking a detour to new places.

Attended the MS group Monday, seen the MS nurse Tuesday & cooking my weekly super foods Wednesday. Today is a new day to plough ahead & do my thing.

Terry has taken a different route, because I can.

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Hello Terry , dont let it get you down , I choose to be Happy, negative things and unfortunately negative people are always going to be there. I think that you are one amazing guy, I always love hearing about your adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx

We are all human. You must have some empathy with some of the MS gang. Some people will say poor me. Well maybe its just there way of dealing with it. Me I am a strong lady,who likes life. Have lost my mum this year. Have had cancer too, I just look at my lovely face in the mirror and smile. I say hello. Its a good way to start the day.Mum would hate me feeling so sorry for myself. I then have a cup of coffee, stronger the better. Then I think to myself my life could be so much worse. I could be married to comrade corbyn. Jane " the domestic goddess.

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