I pity the fool

The phrase reminded me of those who claim a false health problem to skive work.

Hearing of all the fakes, who get full PiP when their is nothing wrong with them, really gets my goat.

I’m obviously watching the A-Team.

It’s not me with the guilty conscience & a bomb strapped to myself.

I’m just pottering about, making Oatcakes & dodging the foul stench of bull crap.

Thinking of putting a bean tin on my exhaust to make it sound more meaty.

How’s the genuine PPMS clan doing?


Terry is there that many claiming pip etc that don’t deserve it nowadays I don’t know any one that is .

When I was diagnosed with PPMS, after years of being told of multiple health conditions, that I had been taking medication for.

Quite a few people I knew, claimed they had PPMS too. Here’s me, with a condition I don’t want & years of medical evidence. And all I’m asked these days is, how do I get PiP & can you loan me some money. All after losing everything & struggling to get about. Claiming I’m faking it, when the condition is all over the shop. When the stuttering & slurred speech is a clear indicator something is wrong.

When I ask folks, how would you cope if you lost your driving licence, job, home, life & they stole all your savings from your bank. Plus get diagnosed with the worst progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. Their answer is, that’s never going to happen to me. Claiming to be Superman or Wonder Woman. You know the drill. HULK SMASH!!!

I’ve even been asked to scare kids at a Halloween party, because of how bad they think I look now. With my shaking, drooling & groans. That’s the kind of people I knew. Sarcastic, scrounging idiots. Claiming a PHD makes you intelligent.

I have a PHD. A perfect holistic dream. Avoiding the fake know it alls & getting my health back.

It’s not working out that great. It’s beating me from the inside. Attacking, on a germs scale & the cowards I know on the outside are having a good dig. Simply because I’m awesome.


Terrry, Dear Terry,

you still have a lot of anger inside about those who did you wrong.

Some of your posts a full of this.

Yet other posts are calmer and I think you`re handling stuff better.

I wish you could find peace.


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I’m calmer, but the MS is getting far worse & so are the people around me.

I’ve got to a point, I hardly speak to anyone & their sly gossip never ends.

The bullshit is always about money, no matter what I’m going through. The whining makes me sick. It feels like I attract the lowest forms of life & they’re all corrupt. Targeting the sick & disabled. I can’t pretend to walk any more & the vans & Taxis are queuing up to take all my belongings when I fall. I can’t write how I want to genuinely describe these people. Where do they come from?

Terry, I don’t know where you come from, so I can’t comment on the a holes that you are surrounded by. I don’t know how much they have hurt you, but you seem very upset by their deeds. We are not all the same, a lot of us do genuinely care, we know how horrible this illness is, whatever the strain. I am worried that you are being targeted by people that are unscrupulous, please seek some help, I am concerned you are tackling it on your own. We all need support at times, it’s not a failing to ask for it, take care of yourself.

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I was just about to post my blog and I’m 4 years since diagnosis and yet only just opening up about how crappy life is! I have no idea how these gits managed to dodge the truth for so long and made it so much harder for the rest of us. It;s just rubbish

Sonia x

I eventually found out why I kept falling over. The PPMS diagnosis was very unexpected. After being told for years, it was vertigo, stress & all manor of conditions. Not having the strength to get up off the floor & told it’s because I need to rest, when the scroungers class me as lazy. They came out the woodwork, when I was diagnosed. Why I do not know. It isn’t because they are caring.

I seem to have something they want & it’s not the MS. The theft of my savings & constant inventory check’s of my possessions. Leads me to the conclusion, it’s all about money.

Anything I try to achieve is stolen. On the verge of doing something great 4 years ago. Being able to get away from the people causing me all my problems. They obviously didn’t want that to happen.

My computer is hacked, quite regularly too. Apparently, the so called friend I knew. Who had a loan & disappeared, was linked to a credit card cloning ring in London. Where one minute they are working in Mc Donnalds & the next you know, they have a lifestyle way out of their grasp. I couldn’t care less about those fakes.

Getting my health back is my priority & it’s not by buying what they grow in their shed.

Hello Terry.

Dealing with those further down the evolutionary chain makes me spit blood.

I have no answer to it really. I just wanted to offer you some moral support.

Best wishes, Steve

i rhink you have been far too trusting and let these lowlifes into your life.You need to stop letting them in now enough is enough.I keep myself to myself these days i never have sufferd fools though,even when i had a '‘normal’ life i was very choosy who i could trust and there are not that many.

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Lee always says I’m too trusting but I know that there are still some genuine people out there . It’s a shame the bad ones cause so many problems . I hope that you get the support from coming on this forum Terry I always feel that i do. Michelle and Frazer xx

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