Hey there Terry. You’ve been very quiet! Hope all’s well with you and you’re still keeping as fit and well as the damn ms allows?

Hi Poppy,

I got a PM off Terry on the 5th but I haven’t got round to replying as my flipping MS has been getting in the way :-/

Yes, he’s been very quiet, I hope he’s ok, in fact I’ll PM him now.

Twinkle Toes x


I’m doing good thanks. Been getting a bit of grief from losers.

Folks with some serious issues are praying on mr organised & claiming they are helping me. It’s these helpers (thieves) which are causing me all my problems.

I avoid some people & they don’t like it. I’m like a scum magnet.

One of my pet hates, is dim witts telling me what I should do & totally ignoring self reflection. They believe their own fabricated lies & convince other numb skulls.

The latest moron is saying he wants to jam in my sound studio, because he is a closet rock star & if he owned my equipment, he would make millions & donate it all to society. Such bull crap! Then reversing all the gibber jabber, saying I’m the negative one. I get this crap a lot. There’s a mass inferiority complex, virus going about.

People wanting me to work for them, for nothing.

Look after their commitments, so they can earn more.

When they see I have health issues, it’s all about them & their problems.

I’m obviously selfish in their universe.

Terry towelling, the old school nappy.

Good to know you’re still puddling along. If you could only move away to another area, or different part of the country!

I’ve moved once & lost everything. The helpers like to help themselves. If they know your name, you’re their target.

What gets me is, they blatantly lie & keep getting away with their crap.

I’ve had nothing to do with these idiots. They just come out of the woodwork, when they see you struggling. Using the helping rubbish, to cover their tracks. They know someone. Woopey do. I know me.

Take care out there folks & stay safe. Trust your instincts & follow your dreams.

Hi Terry,

Good to see you on here :slight_smile:

Aww, sorry you’re still having a rough time with them dim wits (could think of a few more choice words lol) near you but as we’ve said you should ignore them the best you can and do what you want to do and what’s right for you.

Let them get tangled up in their own lies and selfishness, you’re not the one being selfish at all they are… tell them politely to go forth and multiply :wink:

Take Care Terry Towling.

Twinkle Toes xx

(I’ll answer your PM later)