Hello everyone.

The last two weeks have been a bit of a struggle; hence my lack of participation.

I started off the year with a funeral of an old friend and now my father is under medication to ease his passing into the land of the angels. I’ve had a week in a very inaccessible house and have now issues with my sciatic nerve.

I assume I’ll be back up soon for another funeral and a whole lot more.

I’ll probably be a bit quiet for another week or two.


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Morning Steve,

I’m so sorry to hear what a rotten time you are having, everything always comes together doesn’t it?

Keep warm and take good care of yourself,

Thinking if you and sending cyber hugs,

Nina x

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Take care Steve , we are thinking about you . I remember a picture that you had on your profile sometime ago , it was beautiful, for some reason I assumed it was your Dad and your little girl . Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hello Steve,

Thank you for popping your head round the door.

Best wishes,


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Hi STeve

Sorry to hear what has been happening, all our thoughts are with you, take care.

Pam x

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So sorry to read this Steve. Sometimes it just gets a bit too much, doesn’t it? Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Virtual hug x

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Hi Steve,

sorry to hear that, we’re having a bit of a non-event right now too (Rob had flu and I’m on pills for UTI), so even tho we’ve been at home, I’ve not done anything!

Take good care

Sonia x

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J x

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Sorry to hear your problems at this time Steve.

Can I just add that Im utterly convinced that my MS was brought on by stress.

At the time of showing symptoms I had been made redundant after 32 in the same company, not great at any time, but coming up to the age of 50 made it more of a worry, then luckily I found a job, but was again laid off after just 4 months, very soon after this my father in law developed bowel cancer, he subsequently had 3 heart attacks whilst in hospital trying to recover from the cancer, within a few more months my own father then developed the exact same cancer, then almost on top of this my mother in law developed pancreatic cancer, she passed away within 12 weeks. then within 12 months my own mother developed the same disease, pancreatic cancer, 9 weeks later she was gone !!

All of this was over 18 months or so.

Both my father and father in law survived their ordeals but are both very poorly and are now looked after by myself and wife, who if it were not for her I dont think I would be here myself, yep, I’ve had those “thoughts” of “calling it a day” a few times over the last few years, but I then think sod it dont give in to this crap condition.

My father has since had 3 hip replacements (one failed), so if you could see me and him try to hold each up other, well just try picturing it, I guess it would be funny if not so sad !!

This last 5 years has been nothing but absolute hell & stress, and I really do believe it was this that kicked off my MS, and the ongoing stress that has progressed the condition.

I’m sorry for adding this to your post but I can fully understand how the stress from losing someone close or even having someone close be ill can really knock the stuffing out of you and lets your MS run wild.

Hope everything settles down for you, and take care .