dx today,s/p,gutted.



Karen x

I am so sorry to read of your diagnosis. You must be feeling pretty alone in the world. All I can say is that this is perhaps the best of times to develop MS, as there are so many very positive things going on to help up beat this illness. Keep your chin up, rest plenty and smile lots.



Hi, just read your post - so sorry to hear about your diagnosis - but at least you now know what is causing

your symptoms.

This site is a good way of keeping in touch with what’s going on, moral support and advice.

As Moira said, keep strong and look after yourself.

Hope you’ve been assigned an MS nurse as they can be a great help.

best wishes Jen x

hey…as thers have said…so sorry to hear about your dx…dont be a stranger here…lots of support and helpful advice as well as your Ms nurse etc…

Take each day at a time and take stuff in as and when you are up to it…there are lots of people here who can advise…help and support you.


Gutted for you too Steve. Look after yourself mate.

All the folk on here will give you great advice and support when you need it.

Mr S

sending Hugs

BC xx

Sorry to hear your news today. Take it day-by-day at the mo’ and you’ll get through this difficult time. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Sorry about your news today, remember we’re all here for you.

Janet x


I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

My diagnosis was also SPMS.

It is a bugger, but once you get over the initial shock, life does go on.

One thought I hang on to is that progressive MS is quite capable of plateauing so there is no inevitability with it.

Take care

Hugs and sympathy

But life can still be good (after the shock wears off) and you have certainly found a great place to get support and information


i’m sorry about your dx, it’s always hard news to take on board. allow yourself to process this in whatever time it takes and keep coming here with any and all questions, it’s the best support possible.

take care,

wendy x

so sorry, but you’re not alone, we are here for you, and know how you feel, take care, and heres somes, ((((((HUGS)))))), Jean