Shout out to you Terry if you’re reading this. Where have you been?!

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Terry has been learning stuff at college & kitting out his camper van Poppy.

I’ve been going to the local MS group & cutting some spray stencils. Busy, busy & all that stuff.

Today is a hearty stew day, with some thick crusty bread.

Take care out there.

Sounds great Terry. I misread that as you were, “knitting”! Hmmm I had some crusty bread and homemade veg soup for lunch. Have a good weekend.

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Knitting was the boy scout days. Primark knitted jumpers for 99p. Make that pastime invalid. The world is a very different place. We can shop in Harrods at Christmas, if we spend £2,000 minimum. Horses for courses.

Hello to Terry.

My van is pink and goes on wobbly wheels-it’s camper than yours.

Rock on.

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Your van, will always be camper Steve.

Been playing the piano this morning & the locals faces have been hilarious. They don’t know what box to put me in. I know what box the majority want me in, but I’m not done yet.

I’m seeing a lady from London next week. To enquire about becoming a project worker. Teaching music production, sculpture & stencil art.

Keep busy out there. Use it or lose it!

Just listened to the Mozart Sonata (C minor) I played for my diploma. A nice reminder of my previous life. When I taught at a school by the Elephant and Castle, we did a music project with the Orchestra of St John’s Smith’s Square. I then incorporated it into the year 6 production. Where did all that energy come from? Still, the brain still has it and now I’m a mean cook.

Stay on that funky little moped.

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