The dreaded fatigue

Been doing a few graffiti projects & building a camper van, plus all the usual stuff.

All of a sudden, BOOM! I don’t have the energy to wipe my backside.

The so called helpers say I’m being lazy, again. When I am obviously wiped out.

I’m learning to cope with what this MS is doing, but I can not cope with dim witted, ignorant, idiots.

Off to sleep I go again. Putting the life battery, back on charge. I’m sure I need a new battery.

I’m struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

On Friday night, I was so overcome by fatigue it felt dangerous. But like the 3.10 to Yuma, we keep going wary of what lies ahead. As for the do-gooding ingnorami, let them eat fake. I made Danish pastries for my Rose on Thursday and Friday. If you have the time and organisation it’s much better than shop bought pre-made. Small achievements equal big steps.

Rock on.


Good on you Steve. I’m a big fan of home cooking.

I finally finished my camper van conversion & the dim witts are silenced. Whilst they boost their ego, I’m doing art projects & cruising around the great outdoors, making new friends.

I sat in a torrential rain storm yesterday, in a T-shirt & it gave me a boost.

My intellectual neighbour, said I shouldn’t leave my kayak outside, it will get wet. That brightened up my day.

Its brilliant that you are building a camper van . Do you plan to travel when its finished Terry? I was glad that we had rain last week . I love the rain, the heat has been oppressive. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi there Michelle. My camper van is complete & yes I’ll be off travelling soon. I loaned it to a friend for a few weeks, to take 7 people camping in Cornwall. Just because I go to an MS group every week, my friends & family say it’s a handicapped tour bus. I’ve given up on the people I knew now. Time for a new future. I’m not going to be sitting around waiting for things to get worse & shoveling in medication.

Take care out there. Use it or lose it.