I hate fatigue

I've never really experienced this before and usually just keep going and fight through the barrier.

Thursdays are usully my busiest day of the week, I go for lunch with the local blind group, every other Thursday I sign on the doll then go and volunteer with the local youth group for children with special needs which I love.

I havent had to sign on today and have only been to the meal with the blind group and I just dont have the stamina in me to go help with the special kids which really annoys me as I love doing that.

MS is really annoying me, who else feels this way on  occasions when your usual positive attituide dissapears?


Yes I agree totally with you.
It’s really annoying, but we can’t do nothing.

When I've done too much and I'm in a heap on the floor I think, maybe a sensible person would not push themself so much BUT then what the hell, I'm sitting on a chair at the momenttounge

I admire your commitment to helping otherstrophy Take care, M

Yep me too Jon. Got it bad today. Sitting in my recliner chair with no energy at all. sleeping

But I also admire your commitment... trophy

Pat x



Me too John, it's such a frustrating thing, when you know there

are jobs to be done, and you can't do it.


Chin up, let's hope tomorrow is a good day for us all.



Yep, me too! When we go campervanning, I can now do nowt but supervise my poor hubby having to do everything.

luv Pollx

Hi Everyone, I have not been diagnoised with MS, however I have alot of the symptoms. Fatigue is the main thing. I try and push myself and do task, however I am wiped out when I finish!!! Would kust like to talk with anyone who is in the same boat as me!


Hi Jan, yeah I feel like that I have been diagnosed though but I too try to push through the barrier as my neuro called it.

I try to and refuse to let it stop me but there are sometimes when it wins and I just have to stop

If you do see a dr/neuro I hope it isnt MS as it is an awful disability as Im sure you have read on here but as I usually try to bear in mind it could be worse.

What ever your situation is try to remain positive and good luck.

Hi Jan, nudge up Skipper. I need to get into your boat…with a hoist preferably! I feel very, very tired today.

luv Pollx