Fatigue and work,

Its been nearly two months since my dx for ppms now however I suspect it has been with me a bit longer than that. My main issues are pins and needles and leg pain and more recently and I don’t know whether it’s linked, shooting pains down the one side of my head. The latest is extreme tiredness and I mean getting up in a morning and an hour later wanting to go back to bed. This happened Saturday morning but I carried on and went to work for my 10am start after half hour it was quite obvious that I needed to go home I felt totally drained and the shooting pains came back, my supervisor was lovely telling me to get home and go to bed and not worry about work. Fast forward to this morning after being in bed all day yesterday, I was due on at 10 again this morning but was still to knackered so I phoned in at 7 different supervisor and a different attitude, she totally made me feel like I was telling lies and just wanted to blag a day off and made me speak to a manager and explain to him why I wasn’t coming in. i think she could do with visiting this site and reading a few posts to open her eyes and get an understanding of ms


I’m afraid the fatigue is unavoidable. If it’s affecting your ability to work then it may be an idea to look into what you can actually manage. No supervisor can justifiably doubt you after your diagnosis. There is a whole raft of evidence about the way fatigue can knock us out.

A lot of it is on this site and it is written in black and white; 9n a cyber sense.

The MS beast is life changing but it’s up to us to start boxing clever and playing our own individual game. You can get a lot of good advice here.

Best wishes, Steve

Hiya Drummer Boy,

Fatigue is just so so debilitating. I can remember when I used to work I would sob because the fatigue was just so unbeatable. If I need to do anything now I do it in the morning and crash for the afternoon. I’ve got a good friend with severe ME who has had to spend the week in bed just because she went out twice with her family.

Yes, fatigue is a killer. I read somewhere that that if you try to fight it, it’ll bite you back real hard.

not everyone understands fatigue but we are real pros here :slight_smile:

take care of yourself X


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Fatigue is awesome. 10 minutes of exertion = 3 hours in a coma. It seems to have something to do with body temperature. As soon as the fatigue kicks in. It’s like the body is made of lead & the dizzy head takes over. I compare it to the drinking game, where a person is spun around to disorientate. The difference is, it’s no fun when it’s an all day experience & those around you poke fun. Some folks have claimed it’s a made up excuse. Trade places & let’s see who copes better. Staying cool, calm & collective is paramount when fatigue starts. Avoid the trouble makers when possible. They’ll never understand.


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I have for some time prior to my dx been tired but recently it just seems to hit me like a double decker bus, I do try to fight it and try to do everything physically that I did before but I guess that’s the suborn streak in me and yes I always pay for it in the long run. I have my first appt with my ms nurse on Thursday so I’m hoping she will be more help than the consultant was. I suppose it’s a new learning curve and people need to accept I can’t ( not for the want of trying) do what I did before. My job isn’t really difficult I work 3 four hour shifts on a check out in a store but you have to have your wits about you and I have noticed when I get a difficult customer or a problem it’s getting more difficult to deal with whereas a couple of years ago I thrived on customers like that. Maybe it’s time to have a chat with hr…