Fatigue & Work


After working all week, I had an awful weekend. Saturday took my mum out to do our weekly supermarket shop, had lunch, came home about 2, was sooo tired couldn’t lift my feet - slept for 3 hours, then again at night and the same Sunday.

I work all week & sleep all weekend - there must be more to life! I have asked to drop to 4 days but it seems a long process - I’m only an administrator in a big company! I’ve been off work the last couple of days cos I felt so dreadful, but I worry about how my bosses will react. Sometimes I feel that cos they can’t see anything, they think I’m putting it on or making the most of my ppms and when I say fatigue, well you can just imagine the eyebrows lifting!

Sorry another rant!

I’m new to this forum - but am amazed by the amount of support thats here - thank you :slight_smile: :heart:


Hi Lin,

I realise it’s not easy but stop worrying about your job. Being a large company they must know about the Equalities Act and the ‘reasonable adjustments’ they must make by law to keep you employed.

I suggest you contact Access to Work, lots of help available. To help with your fatigue how about a taxi taking you to and from each day; saves on the very tiring commute. You only pay the equivalent bus fare.

Lots more help and they will discuss with your employers about hours worked and could you do some of your work from home?

Good luck


Hi Linda, and welcome Lovely to see you on here.

I had to give up work even before I was dx (I had an ME dx at the time). Just couldn’t do it. Fatigue was sooooo bad I was locking myself in toilet and crying! I always felt like I was ‘coming down with flu’… and one time a co-worker said ‘Coming down with flu AGAIN! You are always coming down with flu!’ and everyone laughed.

It is really terrible when you are not believed. There just seems to be a workplace culture of not believing people when they are ill.

Cog fog was so bad I really thought i was losing my mind. Would sit in front of spreadsheet and wonder what the hell any of it meant (and I was very skilled in creating and using spreadsheets). It was so scary.

Now I often have trouble counting change in my hand… oh how MS can change us!

So I really admire you for keeping working. No wonder you are sleeping all weekend!

Please take George’s wonderful advice and get some help. Your employers are obliged by law to make reasonable adjustments. I also think they need educating in what MS fatigue actually is… but it is extremely difficult thing to do. However getting the fact sheet from this site about MS fatigue and giving it to your manager and HR dept (if you have one) would be a start and might help.

Yes we are a very supportive gang on here. Don’t know what I’d do without my PPMS pals!

Hope you manage to make some changes and make life easier. It is extremely hard working with fatigue and even though other people might not believe it, don’t ever forget it yourself.

See you again soon and best of luck,

Pat x

I worked as Administrator for Richmond Fellowship between October 2000 and March 2008. I don’t know what to suggest regarding fatigue, but if your mobility is unbalanced you can use crutches or a walking stick. I do weekly grocery shopping online so it’s worthwhile considering that, or if shopping in store you can sit down for a few minutes after you do your shopping but before travelling back home (that’s if you have fatigue when doing shopping).

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The old invisible illness and people’s ignorance is a swine to get by.

I use the Access To Work, don’t drive but the taxi is waiting for me when I finish and I couldn’t possibly hobble for a bus. Most of the people I work with understand what my symptoms are but there are still a few numpties.

Take on board the good advice that’s already been given in this thread and good luck.