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Help . I’m 42 and have had ms for 18 years. I have 3 children age between 3 and 18. I work shifts 23 hours a week but have been off for 2 months on sick. I have fatigue so badly I really can not cope with work and home life. Next week I will be seeing occupational health and feel so worried. Any one have words of wisdom. Thanks

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. I think you’ve done great working for so long with MS. Mine kicked in after I had a surgery and work had to go out the window. I missed work like mad but I knew it was the right thing to do. I sympathise as you have younger kids too. Are you thinking of stopping work? It may be the right idea. When I was working I dosed myself up to the eyeballs to get in and through the day, then was useless at home. All my energy was used at work. Quite often I’d end up in bed sleeping away the weekend. It was no life at all. So I suppose my advice would be to stop work if you can and use your energy for the important things.

I hope this helped but this will also bump you up the forum a bit too. All the best xx

Thank you Beverly. It sounds just like me at the moment. I don’t know if I should just hand in my notice or see OH? I really have no life when I work and it causes terrible problems at home. I’m worried how I will manage financially. Alicia

Hi, sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time of it. I can fully relate to what you’re going through. I have been on long term sick, tried redeployment which didn’t work out so im now going for ill health retirement. This decision is due to horrendous fatigue being one of my major symptoms. If I hadn’t applied for this, the next step from HR would have been termination my contract on health grounds. It’s going to be a drawn out affair but one that I know is right for me. Have you got an ms nurse that you can talk to for advice? Really hope make the right decision for YOU. xx

Hi Yes I have an ms nurse. They have tried hard with modafinal and other medication but really I have no choice is work or home life and it has to be home. It’s just how I go about it with work.

Hi Yes I have an ms nurse. They have tried hard with modafinal and other medication but really I have no choice is work or home life and it has to be home. It’s just how I go about it with work.

Please do not hand in your notice. Occupational Health’s priority will be to help you to get back to work and stay there, but if this turns out not to be possible despite everyone’s best efforts, your employer will (to be blunt) have to pay you some money to go away. Unless you hand in your notice, of course!

Good luck with the meeting. Please do not be anxious about it. These things are just one of the occupational hazards of MS, alas. The secret is to keep calm and focus on what is best for you and not take personally anything that happens in relation to the work attendance problems that so often arise with MS.


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I agree with Alison, in standing your ground, that’s if you want to stay. If you know that you have to leave work I’d seek advice about the retirement thingy. My situation was quite simple. I worked self employed in a really small shop. OH tried to help but due to the premises there was nowhere to rest and relax at all. Even the loo was on the shop floor! So bizarre. I had no fight or inclination to stay as I was too ill. Being self employed also limited me. If you want to go down the retirement route, if you’re employed, I bet Citizens advice could help? Best of luck hunni. I know how you’re feeling at this point. Always here xx

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Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time.

My advise is be honest. You may be surprised what they can do to help and support you. I was amazed. I work four 5.5 hors shifts, set times despite all the other staff working variable hours. I have extra breaks plus more if I need. Special computer kit and the last hour of my shift when I’m most tired different duties completely. I know it’s hard I’ve been through it a few times but don’t assume you can no longer work, tell them you have young kids, tell them you want to continue working, try stuff out and see what works. How’s you relationship with your manager? Have a good talk with them so they understand.

Good luck

Dawn x

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