Work issue

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice? I was diagnosed with ms just under 2 years ago. I have had to reduce my working hours as Fatigue is one of my main symptoms, and on the whole work have been supportive of this. I have tried on several occasions to increase my working hours by half an hour each day as agreed with my immediate manager, however this seems to make my fatigue worse. I have told my manager this and for some reason she seems to think that it is psychological, as all I’m doing is just sitting at my desk! This is not the first time she has said this or made comments like this. These comments really upset me as I don’t want people thinking that I am just making this up. I have, on numerous occasions given her leaflets etc about ms asking her to read them, but she doesn’t. I’m not sure what else I can do. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Kellybremner I know you have said overall they have been supportive so is there any reason why they are focused on increasing your hours? Was your reduction a temporary agreement? I work now only part-time when I went back to work I had a 8 week phased return with the plan on trying to go back to full time over that period but like you the more I did the more tired I became. I then discussed with my manager a temporary reduction to part time for 3 months, I was hoping to increase my hours. My work put this through as a reasonable adjustment to help me to continue to work and get used to my injections. I agreed to only be paid for the hours I worked as knew they wouldn’t allow me to do it otherwise.I since have had it permanently changed as I see should a difference now with my fatigue and other symptoms. I would discuss the reduced hours with your manager and see if there is any way you can stay on the reduced hours you are on just now. I don’t know what the financial implications that would be to you. It’s worth while for them to have you there well doing hours you can do rather than you doing to much and increasing your hours with a high risk you could be off unwell. Polly x

Hi Polly, Thank you for your reply. To be honest it was me who wanted to try and increase my hours, just for financial reasons really. I did a phased return to work like you did in the hope that I would get back to full time, but that hasn’t happened, I am currently working 9:30 - 3:30 and have been trying to do till 4. We haven’t really discussed changing my hours permanently, I think I’m worried in case they want me to go part time as I can’t really afford to reduce my hours any further. Thank you for your advice. Kelly x

I’m not up to speed on the tax credit rules but I’m sure people earning under a certain income can claim tax credits whether single or with families. Might be worth checking out, maybe someone on here can advise. Jan

If I was you I would call in Access to Work; They would explain you are not Ping about but have a serious chronic condition that needs empathy not added stress.

Plus there are lots of benefits they could help with like taxis to and from work.

Good luck


Hi Jan and G, Thank you for your replies. I will definitely look into tax credits and I will contact Access to Work. Thank you so much for your help it’s very much appreciated. I will keep you updated on how I get on! Thank you Kelly