I really really hate MS

As the title suggests I really hate these symptoms and it is getting harder tom stay positive. As mentioned in a previous poast Thursdays re my busiest day of the week, I go for lunch with my local b lind group sign on every other week then go and volunteer with a local youth group for children with special needs.

I love working with the special kids but like last week I don't have the energy to go out again which really annoys me scared2


       You do seem to enjoy what you can manage to do - you get a lot out of helping others. Can take your mind off your own problems.

What gets me pi88ed off is the lazy sods who do nothing with their lives - and have no illnesses.

Put your feet up now - watch the olympics - be good to yourself.


Hi Jon,

You give so much to others even though you are suffering yourself. I think you are a real star.



Hi Jon, I also hate MS....I can`t imagine anyone `liking` it.


as I`ve had HSP and PPMS possible diagnoses, my choice would be MS.

luv Pollx

Hi Jon, I have read with interest some of the mail. I'd like to know how you get such a positive response? I'm sure I wouldn't. Jan

Jon - you are such a giving star. xx Nic

I have been volunteering with children with SEN for about 6 years now which I love, I have also seen documentries about people with a lot worse who just keep going and refuse to let it stop them.

For example I saw a show about a lady 80+ with severe arthritus who ran a sailing club for disabled children and kept going because it took her mind off the pain.

A lad who was a permenant wheelchair user who did tricks up and down skateboard ramps in his wheelchair and didnt want sympathy saying at least he doesnt have to walk

And even worse when I volunteered in a special school and saw the children with PMLD (Profound Multipul Leaning Difficulties) children who are almost comatose and just lie there not responding to anything.

Its things like this that keep me going thinking it could be worse and when I see these things I think what have I got to complin about?

I just carry on going and try to find different ways of doing things whith the hope that other people namely possible employers will appriciate that and make allowances for me.

As my neuro said I have given help to many others it’s now my turn to be helped

just keep goin jon, go as far as you can go, thats all you can do, then at least when you come home at night you can say "i tried"