Really sick of it! A little moan.

A moan: Not only am i sick of ms, the inability to walk etc but i’m also sick of my b’friends ‘holier than you’ attitude, he works nights, sleeps all day, i have to deal with our daughter (hard when u can’t walk), i spend all day with her, he gets up at 5pm and cooks, then gets a train to work 2hrs later, its hard, he doesn’t ‘get it’, never takes me out etc, really sick of it, its not fair and yes i’ve had a hard day.

hi anon

i understand where youre coming from.

my husband thinks he deserves a medal if he’s been to work.

and if he washes up, well !!

but you will build a great relationship with your daughter cos thats what we do

ms is shit and sometimes the rest of our lives feel the same but you will get through all this

enjoy your little girl

carole x

Hi Anon,

I know that MS makes it all the harder for you but I bet your feelings are echoed by thousands of stay at home mums.

The other half goes to work and thinks they have the sh*tty end of the stick. Much as you must adore your daughter when do you get some time off? I worked but as I was a teacher and my now ex husband worked long hours all the caring once I came home fell on my shoulders. I didn’t have MS in those days but I remember how bone grindingly tired – and lonely – I was. My heart goes out to you.

Even now – many years later – my ex thinks of himself as a good dad because he was a good provider but ask my daughter who bathed her, took her to swimming lessons, read to her and got up in the night when she was afraid. Yep that would be me.

Sounds like my man might be related to your man!. They don’t get it an dive decided its not worth the energy, frustration and upset to explain. I had bad night with my son last night he was up from 2-6am…then i got up this morning did the whole breakfast, lunch, dinner, food shopped in between, washing, tidying etc all the time feeling rubbish (bad day with symptoms) which was not worth mentioning as I would of been told I’m being a hypocondriac. This evening I waited and waited and waited for him to take my son to bed…by 10pm I couldn’t let my poor little boy sit there any longer and took him to bed myself…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they can be hopeless most of the time…sorry that’s a bit moan back lol