Fatigue means all else stops

Been a strange few days, We went to our daughters on Sunday and I am still exhaused

I did get in the car for an hour this afternoon for a drive round the coast

Now I am a tired as I have been all week even talking on the phone is too much I just want to be left alone

I am all right sitting here tapping one or two keys on the keyboard but I am really concentrating to type this

Don feeling a nap coming on XXX


Hello Don,

I hope you get chance to have a good rest, just concentrate on watching the birds and enjoy watching your beans grow.

Love Michelle x


Great blog as always Don, hope you feel a bit better today,

take care of yourself,

Nina x

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Hope you feel better today Don x

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We have put our runners and french climbing beans in - and also perpetual spinach seeds are sprouting. Swiss Chard l planted last year has never stopped growing. What l do not manage to eat - the hens love. So it makes for lovely orange yolks. My dogs will eat anything that we plant - so we have to fence off - or cover with netting to protect. Courgettes they leave alone - and the rhubarb.

Do try the B1 Thiamine - see if it gives you an energy boost. l never sit down all day - even eat on the move - but then l also find l do not sleep much at night. l consider a good night to be 3hrs sleep! Have been like this for 30yrs.

We are all so different.

l love my Tramper scooter for getting out and about with the dogs - but have wondered how l would do with a Veloped - it is a very robust version of a rollator with a seat. l have looked at the youtube vids of it. But the people demonstrating it look better on their legs then l do.

Have a look Don - see what you think - l would appreciate your take on it.

Sun is out - grass is growing - and the weeds. Hope to-day is a better one for you.

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Been out in the car counting the ship’s 16 today and then on to Asda where I sat in the car and Heather got the shopping. We even drove the scenic route home. Now in bed having watched QI I like Sephen Fry and Alan Davis . Got a grandson tomorrow so expect to stay in because the forecast is rain


Hi Spacejacket,

I just looked at the veloped, I think you’d have to have a fair amount of energy to go for a good walk with it… I can see it helps with balance but I can’t imagine you’d be able to go anywhere near as far as you can on your tramper.

I couldn’t use it because although my walking isn’t too bad at the moment…it seems to fluctuate an awful lot from almost normal to extremely difficult…I am so weak that after two or three steps I need to rest.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a demonstration with a chance to try it out?



Well your forecast was right - we have had a deluge of rain - on and off all day so far. And some of the time the rain was horizontal. Dogs seem content not to venture out. And my washing was left on the line from yesterday - so it has been rinsed a few extra times to-day.

How have you been entertaining your grandson to-day.


Yes, l feel l am not up to using a veloped. Perhaps if l had one years ago - l might be fitter now. We shall never know.


Hello Don.

I think I still see exhaustion and fatigue as something to fight against. (Quick vision of Errol Flynn in the last scenes of Custer’s Last Stand. Or The Alamo-John Wayne.) I completely ignored it yesterday and took the scooter up the road to the local "Fun day/French market. Is the cheese and sausage worth it? Then the 2 year old daughter wanted to have a ride through the dark wood!T oday I needed a crowbar to get up.

I will continue t battle until my ammo runs out and I’m having to throw the gun at it.

Best wishes, Steve.


I would still be keen to try it…if it was small enough I think it could be good around the house!


Steve I was woken by the phone at eight this morning, Heather got it I turned back over and finally got up at two fifteen this afternoon. I had porridge in n bed and two teas but Heather just left me other than glancing in on me. She says she can see from my face if I am able to face the world and evidently my face was a picture this morning.


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Hello Don, I hope you are starting to feel better…I feel worn out from last week, the children were off, its funny now they’ve gone back to school …the tiredness has really caught up with me…do you remember the giant in Jason and the Argonauts when he lost all the fluid from a hole in his heel…I feel like him. I’m supposed to be meeting my Mother in law tomorrow, I hope that I can still go she’s so looking forward to it we always used to have fantastic days out together Iv’e not done this for a couple of years…the last few times Lee has taken me to their house, Iv’e booked train assistance for me and Frazer, so today I’m going to try to rest and not do anything hopefully I’ll be okay…sometimes I feel like my head wants to do everything and my stupid body throws a wobbler!

Take care Don …I think Heather is amazing, she sounds like the loveliest wife.

Michelle x

Michelle she is fantastic I love her to bits

Have a nice time with mum in law say hi to Frazer and get him a special train treat. XXX