Aggressive fatigue


It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but if you imagine a car trying to move with its brakes locked, it might make more sense; if anything does make sense!

Often I’ve struggled to explain exactly why sometimes I feel run down and exhausted.

“I don’t think I’m very well,” I may say. The recipient of my grumble will then expect a list of symptoms; you know, like runny nose, sore throat etc.

I now say that my body feels like it’s fighting something. I can’t identify it other than think of it as an angry immune system beating its head against the wall. Or trying to swat flies in a cubicle of curtains. The more it fails the more frantic it gets. It’s a hot head blowing up at the merest hint of trouble.

My system is just OTT. For days or weeks like this I have a freezer full of meals I’d made earlier because when I can I will.

Sorry to go on but it helps.

Beautiful sunshine here in East Sussex.


So sorry you’re struggling Steve…the only answer, REST REST REST! Boring I know but it seems to be the only thing that ever helps.

Keep you chin up and take care,

Love Nina x

Hi Steve, sorry to read you feel low and clearly exhausted.

My hubby describes my times like this like seeing a switch being turned off. I wake with no energy to dress. I return to bed for at least that entire day.

Do you have anyone who can pop in, make drinks & cook the meals you’ve prepared?

As Nina says, it’s just lots of rest until our batteries recharge. Hope you begin to feel brighter. Chrissie x

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I was awake for about an hour and a half before my husband came from work today. He laughs if I say sorry, he’ll just sat what for?

Other people generally don’t understand it tho. My Mum always worries I might get bored by myself at home, having time to get bored would be a fine thing!

Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad, hopefully it’ll pass soon.

Sonia x