just wondered if anyone else gets that terrible exhausted sick feeling iv’e had it quite bad for the last few days i feel very tired and a horrible hung over sick feeling but haven’t been drinking. I have done a bit more activity than usual recently with the voluntary work. I hope it doesn’t last long my legs are always wobbly but this sick feeling is dreadful.


there is a bug going round at the moment because what you are explaining i had at the beginning of the year. Maybe also space out your activity especially if you have that bug.



Thanks Trish, its not a bug iv’e had this feeling many times before I think its connected to my balance which isn’t great and my eyes are very doubled up just now, its an exhausted fatigue feeling … does anyone else get this?

yes i get this, i think its sheer exhaustion,thats making you feel like this, i have no answers though, wish i had, the only thing is to rest until it passes.

J x

Have you tried taking anything for the nausea? I can’t remember what I have taken in the past when my vision has made me feel sick, if nobody comes up with the name I’ll try and find it for you.

Jan x

Shelley sounds like you have been over doing it and your body is reminding you.

Take it easy for a while.


Hi Shelley. I’m with the others, I think you’re over tired. That causes me to feel really sick and many of my symptoms get worse especially mobility and concentration. Ensure you get adequate proper diet, rest and pace yourself. I know it’s hard to do but easy to say, but it’s the only way to balance everything.

Take care

Cath xx

Thanks Mrs J

Iv’e done more than i should have recently … im in my bed with the electric blanket on having a rest this afternoon.

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Thanks Jan, im not sure what i can take i think i just need to slow down

Thanks Don, im having a relaxing time in bed this afternoon, it funny my mind wants to do loads but my body is rebelling

Michelle x

Thanks Min

Will try to rest

Michelle x