drop in

Hi all, What a nice sunny day saturday was Hubby and l went to the coast to watch some of our drop in do a tandem parachute jump they are so brave. l could not do it l go dizzy when l look over a top step… we got a bit sunburned so having a day in the shade listening to the brill Rod Stewart l cann t belive hes 65 still singing brill l would love to hear him sing live, l wonder if the ms group would get him to do a 60th ms gig we can only dream. House getting sorted slowly so much stuff the ms shop is doing well from it, one good thing was l found daughters portable dvd player she forgot she had so as l sit with Rod playing on it l wonder if l can fine the little speakers she had then l can play it loud in the garden. We have had a look at 2 bungalows very nice but until house is sold we cann t do any thing, Oh dvd has finnished so l need to go look for another one the sole on next l think. Regards Jan xxxx

Hi, I used to fancy doing a tandem chute dive. Not now tho`! Dont think Popeye would like it.

Hope you get a buyer and can move to a bungalow soon. Anxious time, eh?


ps I love RS too!

There’s an airfield in our village and we often sit outside and listen to the jumpers…It’s amazing listening to their cries of terror, some screams for mummy and those that start off so brave and then their yells change to screams. I’ve also always wanted to have a go but now I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ll just sit outside and listen to the brave (or not) group who can! I think tiddly winks is as daring as I’ll go now. Take care Cath x

I once signed up for a jump years ago, it was one of the things on my ‘before 40’ list, but the weather stopped it all thank god. Im the same as Jan, i now get scared just looking down to put my socks on