Lets try...

Hi folks

Let’s try ped of to upbeat, I have been sneaking a look at our forum to cheer myself up! Well that didn’t go well so here I am trying the upbeat thing. Do you think we could have a thread of light relief? For when you are so psed off you can’t think straight and don’t want to read about how miserable this disease is?

Hi Hellms

Well the weekend here has been glorious, been sat in the garden watching all the little birds digging for grubs, and those in the trees are whistling away happy as larry, so everthing here in the garden is rosy.

And today is my grandsons 8th birthday, so a special day all round, hope its good for you and all ppmsers.


i won the best thing ever treatment and polished another bottle of baileys off whilst enjoying the sunshine looking for holiday ideas any tip’s

Thanks folks, I needed a bit of cheerthere should have been 2 ffs to my p***ed off MAYBE there’s even a laugh in that IF you excuse the expression! Take care, have a laugh or a smile, always look on the bright side of life, M

I went to Clacton on Sunday… lovely and sunny by the seaside… stayed in a hotel with balcony and sea view! Yesterday was freezing and foggy!!! Anyway had a fabulous time. Paying for it today of course but what the F*&$!!! Was worth it.

Now I’ve got that song in my head…‘always look on the bri-i-ight side of life…de dum de dum dem…’

Pat x

I had a lovely afternoon out yesterday, we took the dogs down to the beach. It was chilly but sunny and we had a great laugh watching them run in and out of the sea. They had a whale of a time, just getting out on my scooter in the fresh air is fab.

What a great day you had Pat, a hotel with a balcony by the sea, i can’t think of anything better.

Lynne xx

Hi Folks

What a team we are and how it’s working for me - to cheer me up so thank you .

‘If I can help somebody as I pass along’

My living shall not be in vain,
Then my living shall not be in vain
If I can help somebody, as I pass along,
Then my living shall not be in vain

My Mother use to sing this to me and I have always tried to follow the maxim!

Thanks guys, …'always look on the bri-i-ight side of life…de dum de dum demM

What is a good day for me?

Telephone call from my son to say he will pick me up to go to the local activity centre with my twin (18 month old) grandsons.

I sit and watch the parents busy trying to encourage the little boys to try new things and even get to throw a ball or two for them.

Next watch the boys grow bolder and start to investigate while the anxious parents race after them and guide them safely down the ‘big’ slide.

Then catch up with my daughter/grand-daughter and new great grandaughter (8 weeks old).

Wow what a day, I’m shattered but sooooooo happy.


Cheers for that Ann what a lovely day, family can be such fun and lovely to see the next generations staying together, a new great grandaughter how lovely.!! I think ashould be awarded, take care, M

Reasons to be cheerful

The sun is shining

The sky is clear with not a cloud, it’s a lovely pale blue

Spring is in the air

Take care folks, I’m going to make the best of what I have M

I second everything everyone has said. It`s good to be alive!

luv Pollx

I love this thread, happy mother’s day, M