upbeat to p****d off

Swinging from upbeat to p****d off, and of course somewhere in the middle! I have to not read this forum sometimes, I know we all get depressed etcI also know that we are progressive BUT chin up Lets just try not to let MS take away our spirit and hope, M

Yes hon, good to keep our chins up!

Spring in just around the corner. I’ll be so happy that I will be able to go out on the scooter without having to spend ages dressing up in my Scott of the Antarctic get-up! (reasons to be cheerful!)

Have a lovely day,

Pat xx

Yes we’ve seen a glimpse of Spring in the last two days. I for one can’t wait for it to arrive. I hate the cold! Roll on Spring, it’s nearly here! Hopefully. Teresa xx

The sun is shining here and the world looks beautiful! I’ve just been out on my own on my scooter for the 2nd time. It was great and I can’t wait for the sun to be shining every day!

Sarah x

Thats it folks.......lets try to keep each other buoyed up ready for spring. Then we can shake off these awful dark days and smile!

luv Pollx

My brother bought me a Christmas Cactus in 2008 and it has never flowered…until now!

It has lovely pinky/red flowers on it, I’ve counted 8 up to now and it looks gorgeous, lol.

I am really chuffed as I am not very good with plants…they always tend to die on me, but this one just sits on my kitchen window-sill which never gets any sun and gets watered when I think the top of the compost is looking a little dry.

My sister said it shouldn’t be flowering at this time of the year, but who care’s…after nearly 4 years seeing those flowers has really put a smile on my face!

Jacky x

Hi folks

Cheers for the upbeat ‘posts’ fair warms myhave a good weekend and take care, M


Just back from shopping on my own BUT kn***ered, However my shopping is still in the porch, do you think a bit chocolate would help? Guess where the chocolate is…Take care folks we are the best and try NOT to forget this, M

I’m talking to myself, should I worry? I’m now thinking swings and round abouts… Take care folks and I hope you have a good weekend, M

Have a good weekend I hope you have taken the shopping in !

Shopping is in, I’m going out for lunch, it has taken me 59mins ro get down here, glad it wasn’t for breakfast!! ‘Slowly slowly catchy monkey’ OR I’m defintely the tortoise and not the hare.

Take care, M