My best wishes to all with MS. Enjoy life & be safe.

It’s been a long time since I posted on this forum, yet, I always check in.

Take care out there. :slight_smile:


Thank you PUDDLE, you too.

Jan x

Thanks Puddle… nice to see you on here!

Pat xx

Thanks Puddle,

The same too you!

Nina x

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Bless ya Puddle!!! There’s a Happy Thread on Everyday Living. Feel free to bring your positive vibes and ice cream to that !!! Dancing in the rain :wink: Andy


You are the Ice Cream KING!!! Andy

We could all do with some positive vibes from dancing in the rain. :slight_smile:

Stand & deliver.

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All the best to you all; chins up as winter’s coming in…boy does my MS not like the cold

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My MS doesn’t like the heat!

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MS doesn’t seem to like anything. Best to just go with the flow. We know what’s right.

We are all different, at the moment. The trick is to just be happy & do what’s right for ourselves.

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Ridicule is nothing to be scared of !!! I’ve been pissed off and angry forever. No I’m embracing the freak and we’re having a party. Sausages on a stick. I’m one of the lucky ones. :slight_smile: keep smiling Puddle. It’s way too easy to wallow

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A bowl of of Lobby always hits the spot. Seeded bread rolls, just adds to the event. Happy days.

Eat well fellows & treat yourselves good style.

Puddle - You funny dude. I’d add you as a buddy but can’t remember how !!!

I would show you how if I had a ticket to the dark side of the moon.

You’ll figure it out Andy. Just avoid the iQ posse with printers.

They’ll get us all in a MUDDLE & blow us away in a BUBBLE.