miserable old *** here

Just read the latest ms matters.

Have never seen so many happy smiling faces -

Are perfect teeth and a massive smile a pre-requisite to appearing in this magazine?


I’ve received my copy and really can’t be ar*ed to open it. Brave smiley faces, people doing wonderful things, battling against the odds, achieving despite their MS just make me more miserable than ever. And I can do without perfect white teeth as well.

I’ll join you in the grumpy corner Krakowian.




its a hard one. we are encouraged to keep positive etc which is ok to start with.

13 years down the line with double incontinence, speech/swallowing difficulties, sight in one eye, right sided weakness to name just a few i wonder who it would help if they told the truth about how bad it can be. (i dont say that lightly having friends that are no longer here because of complications of ms) but everyone is different-there is no way of predicting what lies ahead for anyone in the life.

do what you can when you can cos u just never know what tomorrow will bring.

may i too join the grumpy corner today please cos i feel c**p! but those who can smile today enjoy it, i sincerely mean that.



Well I’m not happy and smiley…I feel like cp , I look like cp and right now my life is pretty c**p.

I also join you in the grumpy corner.

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Havnt got mine yet

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me too. i’m getting grumpier by the minute. apologies for being nauseatingly upbeat in earlier days


Hi I will definitely join you in the grumpy corner!

my teeth are perfectly white, they look resplendent in their jar he he.

GOSH i wish they would get real. MS is not the same for everyone. Maybe someone early diagnosed with RRMS have a chance to get a life and do things and have DMD, but what about a reality check and do an article on us lot with PPMS 67 years old who are grumpy old gits. LOL.

i cant walk or run or do marathons, or go to the gym. i can barely get out of bed.

I cant go to MS SOCIETY “GET TOGETHERS” as they are always in the evening. I am in bed by 6pm…

PPMS is the pits, MS is the pits, enough with the smiley faces yes we all try to be positive but show some of the real sides of MS too lets get a balance for it.

Nothing wrong with the grumpy corner i am allowed to be at 67 i am a pensioner according to the media i am naturally grumpy horrible, ignorant and rude lol…so be it.

I have saldy out lived 3 friends non of them had MS, they died of cancer, and 2 of my other besties have both had heart attacks and stents for blocked arterties.

I suppose in the grandscheme of things what have i got to be grumpy about lol. BUT they have been cured and back out of hospital and having a life.

I am still confined to my home waiting on nice people to take me out, when i can be arsed to go out which is rare now, as it just wipes me out.

the reality of it, is a lot of us enjoy being grumpy have our own lives sorted with laptop stations, plenty to drink and eat by our sides, we while our days being grumpy with other grumpy people, watch copious amounts of crap series on t.v. but hey why not.

like i said i am 67, its expected of me being a pensioner i am a natural miserable git lol…maybe because i wore myself out, working all my life and bring up my kids, and not living on the state, but working 70 hours a week. worn out i am lol…worn out.

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Oh, I wish I were a glow worm, for a glow worm’s never glum, 'cause how can you be grumpy when the sun shines out your…


Yes, to our eyes, they tend to look pretty chipper on there, don’t they?

I guess it’s the old problem of aiming to cover in one mag the knackered old-timers like us and the bouncy newbies. For instance, when I was newly dx and subscribed to the mag for the first time, it wasn’t the pictures of damp-nosed up-mountain-dashers I saw: it was the advertisements for hoists and catheters, and believe you me they freaked me out massively.



Great point here, as someone who has MS and tries to help out our local group - MS Society mean well by encouraging monthly info - activities nights but a lot of us MSers can’t or don’t have the energy to attend these with our “smiley white teeth” - sometimes I just want to crawl under a rock and curse this blasted affliction that no one understands - especially PIP assessors - now that’s another long story…keep smiling


It’s being so grumpy keeps me happy. Jan x


Hey - thanks so much for allowing me to be grumpy. I thought I had to just F…k currently really having problems pulling the right words from my brain. Try again I thought I had to - paint a happy smile on my face - not what I was looking for but it will do.

me too grumpy corner



on a more serious note – we have a couple of threads on the go on this board from people who are having massive problems with personal assessments, people who are having problems with unsympathetic employers. Yet these issues never feature in MS Matters. Is the MSS really aware of the problems many of us have - have they ever tried to help - do they offer advice - take up the cudgels on our behalf. Good luck to the folk with m.s. who are ‘giving ballet a whirl’ (see MS Matters) but what about those of us who are fighting ‘lonely’ battles at work etc.


Well said, couldn’t agree more.

Jan x

I haven’t read it all yet, but there is an article on page 7 about the MSS campaign to scrap the PIP 20 metre rule, which suggests they are well aware of the problem and taking a petition to Parliament. Did you sign it?

Lots of other good stuff on drug trials and Research Matters too, so not bad for only a Lady Godiva.


Another miserable old***here.

recieved recent ms matters.

ive had carers last 13yrs. Last 2months new agency. Young girls. They just don’t get my symptoms.

one evening said suffering sev fatigue. Have 2carers as I’m hoisted into bed. Carer said are you

hungry. Omg. Had to explain. Difficult as have speech problems.


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Jane - get you completely as I don’t have carers but my elderly uncle who has Parkinson and poor mobility has carers and without sounding totally ungrateful but their stupidity sometimes is outstanding - leave his lights on all day or leave him sitting in the dark in winter nights - he sits beside the toilet and sometimes can make it with his zimmer frame, but they close the door or leave his zimmer at the other side of the room - makes me want to scream at times…leave the door not closed properly and the house is freezing…sometimes I despair for them…

nice how i can see my MS…