checking in!

Hi Everyone, coming out of hibernation as its nearly spring…hooray!

I’ve caught up with bunged up bums,broken wrist,outside world,being spontaneous, fear of coping alone,Kev’s man cave,making beautiful music & anti -spasm machine not working. (Testing my memory!)

I have been having more physio last few weeks and successfully using a FES machine during them for my drop foot, therapist has written to the health commission to request funding for me to have one, the only thing is it has to be on a high setting and it blinking hurts but hey no pain no gain.

Loving my college evening class,but its hard work walking to & from my class.its odd being the “disabled one”.

My employment officially ends at the end of the month on the grounds of Ill health which I’m really sad about, but know its impossible to carry on with. ESA application next for me, more paperwork!!!

I’ve bought myself a second hand electric wheelchair and loving it apart from needing to defrost when I get home. Might try going to college on it next week, but a bit scared as I would be travelling home in the dark.

Pauline x

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It’s so good to hear from you again. your summary of what’s going on made me laugh. Isn’t it brilliant now springs nearly here, i love this time of year, i even ventured out in my back garden to put some washing out…i fell 3 times but iv’e learned how to land so i’m okay… just muddy trousers! .

Brilliant news about the wheelchair… we bought mine second hand and it has been so good, i know what you mean about having to defrost though its sooo cold when your just sat there…Iv’e started taking a hot water bottle with me, i just have it on my knee under my blanket… i must look like a weird person all wrapped up with my woolley hat and scarf and big blanket…my kids say i’m weird but i just tell them weird is cool!

Take care Michelle x

Salopettes are good at keeping you warm.

Jan x

Hi, well done on getting out a bit more, but I am concerned about you going home alone in your wheelie at night. Is there no-one you could wheel with? Or someone who would come meet you?

This is just me and my mothering everyone! Dont mean to sound negative hun!


Hi Pauline, lovely to hear from you.

It’s the same on the scooter… freezing. You need to stock up on layers of thermals. Leggings, vests, 2 pairs of socks… by the time I’ve got it all on I’m knackered!

To apply for ESA make sure you follow the ‘Benefits and Work’ guide. If you are not a member, it’s about £20 to join for the year. Worth every penny. Guides to all the benefit application forms written in easy to follow steps.

Good luck with that.

Well done you with the college course!!!

Pat xx

Pauline travelling in the dark, I hope you have got lights and a hi_ viz jacket. Soon be summer. Yahhhhh


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Hi guys, I did it, travelling back in the dark was a bit tricky! Yes I need some high visibility clothing or bike lights, what really got to me was how some of the kerbs were too high for the chair to climb.Thinking of writing to the council.

Pauline x

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Hi, Pauline, High kerbs that is a real issue and when they are wet you’ve no chance… last week a man mending the road had to lift my chair onto the kerb and it was one of the tactile kerbs meant to be disabled friendly, but it was too high to get up, also i find that if you get a down kerb its hard to get a matching up kerb its been a real eye opener. Im glad that you are getting out though i find it makes a real difference to me having the powered chair.

Michelle x


Hello Pauline.

You should definitely get something high visibility to wear. Even people crossing the road in dark clothing on an illuminated street are difficult to see. I’ve just bought some fleece lined Craghoppers. They’re the warmest yet. The belt is a bit fussy so I’ve got an elasticised Velcro one instead.

I’m doing my best to get out more(says he, sitting indoors whilst the glorious sun is out in full, beaming a warm friendly smile through the window. Still, I’ll be out next Wednesday for my art class.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Oh yes, definitely get a high viz vest for the dark, doesn’t help because wheelchairs are mostly black.

My hubby has fitted “light up” small wheels on top of the two back wheels for the dark. They are wheels that you would buy for a child’s scooter that flash, my grandchildren think I am one cool nanny with my flashing wheels.

Pam x

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Kerbs are such a problem on scooter too, even here in London.

The times I’ve had to turn around and go in search of a dropped kerb!

Also sometimes I find a dropped kerb on one side of the road and not on the other!!! What’s that about? What’s the point???

Well done Pauline! That takes courage but now you’ve done it once next time will be easier.

Pat xx

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I’ve dropped by to check in too, glad to hear you’re doing ok Paulne.

Pat, dropped kerbs! To have one at the end of our driveway meant applying to te council and having an “approved” (read: EXPENSIVE) company doing it - it might be that a drop was put in for vehicle access to a building, hence why only on once side. What a bloomin’ palava tho!

Sonia x