Phew! Even my fingers are tired!

Hello gang, a quickie from me today… just to explain why I’m so quiet on here at mo. First it was because I was on holiday and now I am home and have got mega fatigue… and today I’ve got my old friend Dizzy back!!! Anyway didn’t want anyone to think I’d gone AWAL… well I suppose I have really… but I am checking in every so often. I’ve reported a ‘certain thread’ and asked it to be locked. Very unusual on our lovely PPMS board! Had a really lovely time… was great to get out of London for a change and see some truly beautiful countryside and also to meet up a couple of times with our very own Nina. Thank you Nina. You made both me and my sister very welcome. :wink: Love to all and am hoping to get a bit of energy back in the days to come! Honestly I feel like I am very heavily drugged… only without the feeling great bit… Love to all, Pat xx (typically that turned out not to be a quickie at all… )

Hi Pat

So glad you had a lovely holiday, but sorry Dizzy is back, I expect the elf is showing off cos you been enjoying yourself.

Nice that you were able to meet up with Nina, lovely for both of you.

Time to rest now to get over your holiday, take care.

Pam x

Hi Pat,

I did wonder if it had tired you out a bit. Yes, that thread, I couldn’t help myself and have posted again, I think our mods might have been away what with the bank holiday.

Glad to have you back, take care of yourself and have some home recoup

Sonia x

Eeee, int it a chuff, when holidays leave us feeling knackered!

Rest well, Pat.

Chat again later.

luv Pollx

It is Poll… feel as if I need a holiday to recover from the holiday… Lol… Nice to see you Poll, Love Pat xx

Good to see your fingers are doing the" walking again" Pat.

Pauline x

Good to see your fingers are doing the" walking again" Pat.

Pauline x