MS Sucks!


Whilst have been a member for decades think this is my first post! I am really, really, really bored! My wife now only works 3 days a week, not long moved to North East from Kent, but still stuck in this useless body. When you try doing things you either can’t remember, or physically unable to achieve it or get to the point of why bother anyway!

If this comes across as a whoa is me tale then not hiding anything because that’s exactly what it is, I am forever saying to my wife ‘I hate my life’, sorry to all of you who were not feeling down until reading this. I used to be the soul of the party full of go a great orator and full of life but now just wonder where has it all gone!

Anyway, sun has just popped out so that always helps to perk you up! but please don’t get down like me and enjoy your life/family to the full and stay calm and carry on as they say.


hiya me

to me your post just sounded pissed off! thats allowed!

i wonder how your wife copes?

finally do as you say to others-YOU enjoy your life!

or vent on here again-we get it!


Thats what i always say to myself or this is so unfair i just wanted to say your not alone sending lots of cyber ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to you.


I just feel I`m existing now rather than living. I must have done something really bad to be awarded this. But what ?


Hi Me.

Don’t worry about posting when you’re feeling down. I don’t think there’s a single person alive who doesn’t get those days. As for those of us whose abilities are challenging, we understand. I had to find new hobbies when my life changed, and I’m still finding new bits and pieces to do. I took up sewing, knitting and all sorts of crafts. I can’t always manage a task but I know it’ll be easier another day. I still have down days or weeks but seeing half completed projects of all different skill levels and types keep me looking forward to seeing the finished article and I can’t wait to get stuck in again. It’s frustrating at times but so rewarding at others.

Are there no things you ever wanted to try? The local authorities often give courses which are really cheap. They’re usually fun too, you meet other people trying new things.

Cath x

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Hello ME.

This is the place for ventilation.

We all have dark moments. Trying to bring yourself out of the pit is really tough. My flat is awash with stuff to make life easier. So many little things have been a huge help. The big things too. My folding power chair has given me a freedom I thought I’d lost.

Don’t give up.


Off topic. Sorry Steve, did you take the folding power chair to Cyprus and can you share the make please?

Thanks for your thoughts/comments, yes I am sure many of ou go through exact same feelings, think this damn awfull weather doesn’t help sur I will no doubt have another rant if the occasion arises, well must get back to my ‘life’, thanks again. Me

Hi, I think with all we go thru, we’re completely entitled to the odd tantrum/sulk/groan/bad moment!

My thing is to listen to some very loud angry music, it helps hearing/feeling the anger for a few minutes. Probably my best getting angry song is Gave Up by Nine Inch Nails - it’s almost like getting it off my chest as I still can’t quite give up

Sonia x

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MS is a pain in the ass. I get stressed when all I hear is how some folks are so crap with organising their lives, so they dump all their shite on me. They pretend to be friends & carers just to steal. Real dishonest low lives! Targetting folks with obvious problems, because they are too cowardly to face their own demons. The weather does play a part. It traps us more than we already are, hence why I get out as much as possible, to face the idiots head on & maybe something good will happen. Either they wake up, or they get lost. Take it easy out there Bill. Most folks on this forum are in the same boat. Some are just vultures! Terry