There are day's

There are day’s when i miss what i could do rather that now what i can do :frowning:

I know how you feel hon. I can only say to try and not look back… but boy do I know how hard it can be.

Sometimes maybe it’s best to feel the sadness and try to keep in mind that it will pass.

Sending you a (((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))

Pat x

Cheers Pat, I blame it on the sunshine i wanted to be up and about, but MS had other ideas. Over it now, onwards and upwards

That’s the spirit.


Hi, yesterday I got up with a really good positve attitude…been having severe bowel and bladder problems for several weeks.

Thought I`d got myself in a better place…this morning i was back to square 1.

Tomorrow may be different again.

luv Pollx

Hi guys, I too am stuck with what I can’t do, I know get over it, it could be worse, I know BUT sometimes my spirit would like to run freeM