Be not afraid...

Progressive MS can be a scary disease, no two people suffer the same way… What the hell does that mean? We are living proof that MS sucks but living we are and coping and managing There is hope, no one knows what’s around the cornerwe are the cool gangenergy level low and barely able to get my breakfast BUT here I am. Try not to let the boogey man get you, be not afraid. Take care,M

As usual M you have your finger right on the button!!!

I’m with you on the ‘low energy’. My cleaner is here and I feel worn out… hmm strange as it’s him doing all the work… but sometimes just an effort having to relate to someone else!

BUT here I am!

Take care hon,

Pat x

Know how you feel M - energy level low most of the time atm and having trouble getting my words out and carrying on a conversation. Still here though - getting up every day and carrying on! Teresa xx

How amazing are we? Great to have you here folkssome people may climb a mountain as a challenge for me it’s getting out of bed AND get my breakfast together. Then chatting with my chumstake care guys we are soooooooooooM

Haha! Me too. If I can get out of bed, get breakfast AND get dressed it’s a Gold Medal moment! So far today managed the first two of those!

We ARE amazing!

Have a good one M and all. Coooooooooool here. Wonderful !!!

Pat x

here again???Hope you are I’m pushing it a bit Pat just for youThe sun is shinning and my coffee is sitting waiting for me AND I didn’t spill anyWe are amazing, take care, be safeM

Hi agree with you entirely. Some days we wonder how we managed to get through it…but we do.

My slogan is;

I may be broken, but Im still here`.

luv POllx


funny that, mine is ‘my head is bloody, but unbowed’ not my words, I pinched them from ‘Invictus’. Somehow the poem fits my/our situation take care folks. Have a good weekend

Hi M, I’ve learned it by heart… ‘my head is bloody, but unbowed’. Wonderful.

A quickie reply to you to knock the blo*dy xmas spam off the top (I’ve reported it).

Hope everyone ok. I’m off to my bed… (at 2.20 in afternoon… oh well… )

Have a good weekend my lovelies,

Pat x

I didn’t even notice the spam thing! Hey, go with the flow and chill who cares about a.m.or p.m I hope you enjoyed your snooze, forty winks ornap.

Did anyone watch ‘Parade’s End’? I am sorry but I love B.C. too many letters in his name but you know who I mean

Hope everyone has a good weekend M

Hi M, yes watched Parade’s End and really enjoyed! Also like B.C. and thought he was very good. Like the atmosphere in it and good to see something on that’s not a complete pile of cr+p.

Having quiet day as my sister is coming tomorrow to stay for two nights. She lives on the route of the Notting Hill Carnival and it’s really HELL for the people who live there. Extremely noisy so you can’t hear yourself think.

Luckily we have guest room here for £5 a night (yes… in London!)… will be lovely but also tiring. Not used to having someone here… and of course we chat endlessly. So I’ll disappear on here for a couple of days.

Love to all… Pat x

Hi, I am away for 2 nights so back Wed. I hope you enjoy the visit from your sister. Take careM