There's a gorilla...

Hi folks

There’s a gorilla rampaging all over my room/me! He’s an angry silverback, I’m using a chair to chase him into a quiet corner, now I’m a gorilla tamer! Have I mentioned life sucks AND I’m fed up with MS?

Take care, M

Hi M, wish I was there to make you a nice cuppa and give that damn gorilla a good telling off!!!

Chin up my friend. Remember, there are others here who know how hard it is. Be especially nice to yourself today. Look after yourself just exactly in the same way you would look after someone you really love very much is who isn’t doing too well. Maybe that gorilla will go to sleep and give you some peace.

Thinking of you hon. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (but not the nasty MS kind!).

Love Pat xx

Dear Pat

What would I do without you? There are times… I’m going to make myself a coffee and put a blueberry muffin in the microwave - I know I shouldn’t but f*** it.I enjoyed the ‘nice hug’. It’s a battle and tiring Take care, M

Hi M Sorry you’re having a c**p day. In the meantime, as Pat says give yourself some TLC and have a quiet day. Tomorrow is a new one and may well be better. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hi, tomorrow is another day…I nearly slipped in the shower this morning, pure fluke that I managed to save myself. I don’t think the damned silverback should be permitted in my shower!! Give a gal a break,

I’m resisting a blueberry muffin this morning weight problem driving me mad. Be kind, don’t say I was mad already, what would I do without my favourite group? I can’t actually say to family and friends how grim this disease is.

Thanks for being there. take care M

The thing is M that nobody understands what it’s like but other MSers and for us it’s really other PPMSers… even if they do try, they can’t really get it. MS is a jealous beast… he wants us all for himself and wants ALL of our attention ALL of the time!!!

Take care in that shower! Oh the weight thing… I dunno M… drives me mad. I mean like what are we meant to do? Sometimes eating a blueberry muffin is the only comfort available.

Take it easy hon… thinking of you.

Pat xx

Aah, I’ve read the Gorilla analogy, too.

About trying to pretend there ISN’T a gorilla in the house, whilst deftly sidestepping the piles of steaming gorilla turds…

Yep, I know what you mean.



It’s hard to resist the attractions of trans fats and sugar. We’ve got to have something nice to try to make up for having this - just a little bit. Comfort eating gets me every time! Take care in the shower M, you don’t want a sore coccyx to add to your woes! Take care, Teresa xx

Cheers guys, I found this in Enable by design -
click on the union jack

I have been in a dark place and thanks for all the positive help, I think the gorilla was casting a HUGE shadow…Take care, M

Sound as if you’re coming out of dark place??? I hope so love.

Thanks for interesting link.

Take care and be nice to yourself… you deserve the very best.

Pat xx

Cheers Pat,

I’m taking part in this study Phenotypic characterisation of cognition in Multiple Sclerosis, I have ‘ticked every box’ except the MRI that lasts for 90 mins. This may be why I’ve been a bit down, tooooo much MS? I feel I should but it scares the hell out of me, it’s a whole body thing because I have lesions in my spinal cord and brain. It won’t help us BUT… Anyway thanks for cheering me up

Hi M, I think that IS why you’ve been feeling down. I know whenever I fill out a form for benefits (esp DLA) I feel depressed and weepy for days… and realise it’s because I’ve had to think about every symptom!!! Usually I suppose we just don’t think too much about it!!!

But good for you for taking part in a study. It all adds to the knowledge!

Hope you’re ok today hon. Raining here (again!).

Pat x

Hi Pat

Yip, knowledge is power. I keep thinking (as you say not always a good idea) the cure is out there… I must be having a better day the gorilla - should I give him a name? I also feel that more money is finally being put into trying to understand Progressive MS.

Thanks for being such a help to me recently What a group we are,there wasn’t an umbrella… Take care, M

Hi l do hope you are ok today your bit did make me smile and for that l thank you As long as we can chat here it helps so any time you need a chat we are all here I now am going for that cup of tea and a read of my new Val Wood book very good l am told you take care all Regards Jan x


He’s a bit of a beast today, damn him thinking too much about what I’ve lost, damn it This blue smiley is stupid, I’m not THAT sad/blue. More p**sed off than blue. Let’s try We work very hard to keep things going so, take care. M

Hi M, is that beast still playing you up? Hope he’s gone back to sleep now.

Best not to think about what you’ve lost hon. Whenever that little thought enters my head (sadness for the past I mean) I imagine a country lane and I see the grass and trees growing over it, all tangled and jungle-like (bit like the beginning of ‘Rebecca’ actually!) that way I can’t go down there again (I know, I sound like a flakey American self-help guru… but that one kinda works!!!)

We do work hard to keep things going so we should pat ourselves on the back (only that kind of twisting round gives me hug).

But these are for you M…

Have nice evening,

Pat xx

Ok guys not fair - where do you get your colourful smiley things from? I want bright colourful posts too. So true no one understands like the team here. I told someone my brain sometimes got squeezed -did they understand? No just got a very puzzled look Thanks Min xx

Hi Min, look at the top of this box, right above this text… see you’ve got a bold B on left hand side… and on right hand side is a little smiley face? Ok click on that. You see all the smileys? Now just click on whichever one you want…

Squeezed brain… oh yes… I understand perfectly.

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

Good morning

What would we do without you Pat? There are times but… I like flakey American thing, whatever works no matter how flakey.This to will pass, take care M

Hi yeah but I got it wrong… MIN you have to go into the ‘comment’ box to see the bold B and the smiley boxes… so have a look at ‘comments’ box!!! (I got confused because of course I was typing the answer in comments box… does this make sense to anybody… I seem to have gone into cog-meltdown…)

Hi M… I better sit and have a coffee and stare into space for a while. Actually I’m watching 2 big crows build a nest. They have been back and forth for 4 days now carrying huge twigs and great wads of leaves… so busy and honestly I can see they are excited. It’s like having my own ‘Life on Earth’ going on outside the window…

Take care all…

Pat x