gorilla out its cage

woke up this morning and felt awful, legs just would not work. They have not improved during the day either the pain has been there all day and to say it made me grumpy is an understatement. Arms and hands decided to join in too which has not helped. Just wanted to pull the covers over my head and block the world out today. I really hope the gorilla has had its fun and it goes back in its cage, I have a weekend in the coltwolds waiting for me and I sure do not want to miss that.

Hope the rest of you are ok today


Hi Mark

Not a lot of help but my mantra when the you know what hits the fan - 'this too will pass’M

Hi Mark… yep M’s ‘this too will pass’ sounds like a good mantra of the day.

Hope that gorilla goes back to dozing very very soon,

Have fun in the Cotswolds,

Pat x

thanks ladies, alittle better today managing to walk abit with stick but is a struggle. Feel so tired but like you say it will pass.

Hope you are both ok


Hi Mark Hope you got that pesky gorilla back in his place, you are not alone btw I was trying to post “help me someone” last evening but gave up frustrated. Mark, this too will pass :slight_smile: I think it was a full moon last night, ( no I am being too nuts here) well there is a theory about the full moon causing LUNACY so maybe they should research that huh! these multiple brain lesions getting tugged by the big bad moon and setting the werewolf (well gorilla) free :@ I’ll get my coat :blush: Seriously Mark I hope you are feeling better. Regards Paul

It may not help much B U T I find Christmas abolutely exhausting!! Daily life with MS is a high enough mountain to climb (and Cotswolds!) but add to that wrapping, minimal sociability, cards etc and I’m flawed and yet still surprised each year - in my case quite a few years. Strangely but it does help a bit to know there are others in the same boat - that’s a bit warped though isn’t it? You guys have my sympathy/empathy. As for the men in white coats, I’ll see you in the van. LOL, Debs

Hi Mark. You take it steady today have a day in bed if you don t need to get up, l do untill dog wants to go out in garden that flooded. hope you are ok by the weekend for your trip. My right side will not play most days been right handed its no fun. you take care hope new year is a better one for us all,

Regards Jan

Thanks guys the gorilla has calmed down alittle, I have just got back from the Coltwolds just took it steady (not that I could do much else). We had a friend with us so at least I could sit with a coffee and a newspaper while my wife and friend went shopping, walking etc. Really enjoyed the break, good food and good beer what more can I say. Legs still heavy and back in bits but at least I can get dressed myself now (apart from socks and shoes) so that is a plus. Think these social occasions do take more from us than we think, will have to learn by my mistakes and perhaps listen to my body in future. Book me a seat on the van will you Paul



Hi Mark, glad the weekend away went well…even if it did knacker you.

I love to go out and be part of the normal world.

But I now get a kind of panic about getting ready and being on time for meets etc.

I have to fight these feelings, as it would be too easy and a huge mistake, to stay indoors or in bed for more than a couple of days.

I was going out 2 days a week, but that has dwindled to just once a weeek, due to the awful weather.

Fight the good fight, etc, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I will keep fighting the good old british upper lip is in action most days. I know what you mean about going out sometimes it does not seem worth the effort but once out it is sure good. Out again tonight at a dinner dance, not so sure I will be doing any dancing though! Tom I will have to rest as I am so tired and had a week off work. Hope 2013 is a good one for us all.

Take care

love Mark