What its like

I am in a mess so to speak my bowels won’t work I can’t sleep and then I sleep all day.

Still no said MS was going to be a rose garden. Since Christmas I have not got my life on an even keel.


Tell you what Don, it’s such a struggle to get my self going in the morning. It’s a struggle to move off the sofa. It’s a struggle to move the bowels. I Keep going but it’s a fight. It’s the end of January soon. We should notice that it’s not entirely dark at five o’clock.

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve the lighter evenings will make a big difference. This B. Disease takes away our dignity

its already getting a bit lighter at night,thank goodness,i hate winter nights,cant wait for spring i just love spring its my favourite time of year, everything coming back to life… cant wait

J x