Lifeless feet?

Thankfully I can still walk even if is very short distances before I start to get tired but lately I often feel like my feet and legs aren’t even there and I am just dragging some pegs along.

It then sometimes starts to hurt my feet and find it hard to hold my body up as if they arent attached to me Does anybody else have symptoms like this?

Yep Jon I do get same feelings but not everyday. My symptoms seem to vary so much by the day. On Monday (think it was Monday Lol) I could barely walk. Legs and feet were very painful. Legs didn’t feel attached.

Next day legs weren’t too bad at all. Today they feel weak and wobley but feel attached… but now dizziness much worse than it has been.

That feeling of not being able to hold your body is is a bug*er isn’t it. That’s when I use a stick even indoors and scared of falling over.

Every day is a surprise! Though not always a pleasant one!

Can’t remember Jon… are you on any med’s?

Pat x

The only meds I am on are citlopram for depression and moviol to help with my bowels and bladder.

I know what you mean about every day being different I am like that too, some days I feel really tired even sitting upright is tiring and other days I feel a bit more awake. and can force myself to do things.

Being unemployed cant help as I have no motivation to do stuff.

Bladder and bowel problems can vary from day-to-day too and symptoms are very unpredictable.

Every other Thursday I sign on and every thursday I have lunch with the local blind group wich besides getting a free 3 course lunch I enjoy doing because I like talking to the war vetrans and helping where I can so that keeps me motivated.

Seeing their positive attitude to things as well as the paralympics as well as my experience with SEN children leads me to think it could be worse.

But yes there are some days when I think f**k it and want to give up when it hurts to simply stand up to make my lunch or have problems climbing stairs or stumble around the house and to the bathroom.

Well Jon you are in good company! I like living in sheltered… even though youngest here by years… but at least there are activities and on nice days we sit in the garden and chat. I would be so isolated… WAS so isolated before I moved here.

I just take it very much one day at a time. I’ve given up fighting it. Too exhausting. If I’m too tired to do anything I just read or watch movies. Right now my dizziness and tinnitus are both bad so right now… 6.35 pm… I’m going to bed. I know that those two together is not a good sign for me. My MS is rattling it’s cage!

Take care Jon and always remember you are not alone dealing with this cr*p ppms.

Pat x