Exhausted just thinking about it...

Friday 8th - GP nurse annual check-up thingy (scooter)

Monday 11th - Dental appointment (scooter)

Wednesday 13th - Annual neurology appointment (taxi)

Friday 15th - Mammogram (taxi)

Hope Fatigue Monster has moved on by then…

Hope you’re all doing ok & having nice weekend,

Pat x

Sounds like several tough days coming up Pat. Rest lots in advance and pace yourself! I too hope your Fatigue Monster has absented himself by then or at least nodded off! Take care, Teresa xx

Hiya Pat.

It’s great isn’t it?

I done around 40 appointments last year. I had December off. LOL!

This year I am on about 1-2 a week. In fact got one tomorrow! It does take it out of you, though. When I was in Sheffield I saw no one for years. Now here on the Wirral they are working overtime on me!

Take care,


Hi, just been to chiropodist.

Been having pain and infections in big toenails.

Todays visit went better than I`d hoped.

No mention of removing the nails, as they are being trimmed and packed with no pain.

Dont want to have them removed, as i know it will cause more incapacity and pain.

Good, eh?

luv Pollx

ps without medical appointments, there are times when we see no-one!

Hi Poll Glad the toe nail removal wasn’t mentioned at your appt. We are off on our happy hols tomorrow to a farm in Bleasdale, Lancashire. Can’t wait to see the spring lambs… We have wi-fi so will keep an eye on the forum. Luv Linda x

Hi Poll, glad you aren’t losing your toe nails hon.

Yep… medical appointments are my major outings!

Glad the chiropodist went well,

Pat x

Well it is the last of my week of medical appointments this morning. Mammogram.

It’s been exhausting… and has reminded me of just how ‘limited’ I am now… both in energy and mobility.

Oh well… looking forward to next week when I’ll be wondering what I normally do with myself. A bit like Xmas when getting back to normal seems strange… well, Xmas without all the good food!

Have a good weekend all,

Pat x

Hi Poll, can you see the chiropodist free when you have ms?

Reason i ask is because my feet could do with it, i’ve got no feeling at all in my right foot (lost part of it and had it rebuilt after an accident 22yrs ago)and my left foot, i can feel a bit on one of my toes but the sensation is limited.

If i hurt them somehow, i dont really know about it.

If you can, how do you go about it please.

Lisa. x

Can you see chiropodist for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol i hate feet ,my husband always asks me to cut his toe nails as he has very low vision yuk it makes my teeth grind lol x julie.

Hi Julie (again),

Well do you know if you can, my hubby has to sort my nails out but i could really do with them looked at properly

Just wondering.

Lisa x

Ladies… see your GP’s. You can get a chiropodist on the NHS… and if mobility is bad they come to your home!

Pat x

Ok Pat, will do,

I see the gp nurse next week for some test results, i’ll ask her if she can do it, if not i’ll make an appointment with my dr.

Off for my physio tomorrow, better get there the right time (and day) this time.

Lisa x