Kicking myself...

Well would be if I could kick!

Had a ‘fasting’ blood test appointment this morning at 8.50.

Slept badly. Got up, got washed and dressed, went out on the scooter, got to the surgery and realised I didn’t have the form.

There was a huge queue at reception and I just gave up and came home.

Realised then that of course they can just print the form off again.

Was too late to go back and didn’t have enough charge in scooter.


Pat x

Oh how annoying Pat! It’s easily done though. I turned up for an appointment one day last year only to find I’d arrived a day early! What a twit I felt! I had to come back again the next day! A poor night’s sleep wouldn’t have helped you to focus on the job in hand! Hope you manage to get another appointment quickly. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa,

Went coffee morning and my lovely neighbours got me laughing about it. They all said to lie to the surgery and say my scooter broke down. I love the irreverent attitude of these old people!

The problem is a very bad pain in left shoulder… which I’ve had before and know it’s not heart problem… another damned MS thing… and whole body buzzing like crazy.

A ‘do nowt’ day for me then.

Have a good one folk… chilly morning here in the Big Smoke.

Love Pat xxx

Oh Pat what a morning. Don’t worry, have a nice day resting and make another appointment next week. Blame it on the heat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve phoned to make an appointment then by the time I’ve got to the calendar (my bible) I’ve forgotten and had to ring again.

Teresa I keep going to the hairdresser on the wrong day. We now have set days and times but if there’s any change she writes it in my diary for me. I was once reasonably articulate and bright.

Take care

Cath xx