Friday, January 31st. Famous for the bongs of brexit and the rattling of my teeth.

My MRI scan was at 17:10. A bit late and they were running late. It was good cop bad cop. I have MS, so the faff of getting on and off chairs and benches was its usual nightmare. One nurse was delightful and encouraging whilst the other tutted impatiently. She then made a hash of the cannula. After only 10 minutes she called the scan off because my right leg had some spasms. I calmly explained my issue and how it would soon settle down. She clearly didn’t want to try again so we had the same tutting and huffing as before plus a great display of irritation in having to open doors to let me out. I can’t wait for the evaluation feedback.

Happy Monday folks.

Oh, that’s absolutely dreadful Steve! I don’t know I’ve managed to get through my MRI’s without the usual spasms but have been lucky with that one at least! My worst experience was at Pembury hospital one time and when I reached out just to steady myself whilst trying to get off the table after my mri - the attendant nurse shrieked I can’t help you! and took a step backwards. How I didn’t fall to the ground I don’t know. I wasn’t going to put my full weight on her either, I just needed to balance myself, before getting into my chair. She muttered something about health and safety and I wondered to myself which “Charm School” she’d been too!

I know for a fact there are more good nurses than bad, but the bad ones don’t half leave their mark on us.

Good luck next time!


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So sorry to hear how badly you were treated Steve. It makes my blood boil. Make sure you write down everything on that feedback form! Anne

That’s disgusting, what a vile creature.There’s always one isn’t there.It makes me so angry.I hope she needs a bit of help and compassion one day and gets treat the same way.

Karma will take its course.

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What goes around comes around Steve, she will get her comeuppance one day (hopefully soon).

Make sure you report it all on the form cos that was disgusting from a ‘so called’ caring person.

Pam x

Quite curious about this feedback form. Am I right in thinking you get asked for feedback on your mris? Or (don’t take offence) are you all been sarcastic here?

Hi Steve, wondering why you had a cannula for an MRI…was it a contrast MRI? Lovely nurse…bless her…hmm! Bouds xx

I so sorry for you Steve , its unacceptable and completely wrong . I had bad treatment from some of the nursing staff at the Jubilee centre a few years ago when I was having a endoscopy I was in a wheelchair and I felt that they weren’t listening to me, they denied me sedation… I ended up having a bad panic attack and falling. I felt so vulnerable and afraid. It was awful. I hope that you complain. Michelle and Frazer xx

Fortunately, there are more good, devoted nurses who work far harder than the relatively few who let us down.

Shell, I’m horrified at your experience as much as Steve’s horrid Radiographer. I always find them uncoperative in the scanner room.

Now I’m a grumpy old woman, with a great excuse of brain damage, I have asked for a different member of staff with a little bit of knowledge about the problems in ppms. It always works. Steve, in your case, perhaps the radiographer wanted to finish work for a night out. Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but it hits the right spot.