I have an MRI tomorrow

After all The visits to the neuro he has decided he needs to see the damage done in the twenty years since my last MRI so bright and early tomorrow we head off to get one done. Well almost brigjht and early its 12:30 we will be looking after grandson for the day but Heathers sister has said she will come and sit with him till we get back. Why is it appointments clash with life. Last time Heather had to cancel something when I had an appointment in Canterbury.

This is all to do with the possibility of fitting a baclofen pump. Let you know how I get on.Don

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Hope it goes well Don.

It’s true all appointments clash with something and also do you notice that the nights when you can’t sleep are the ones when you have something you HAVE to do next morning?

Murphy’s Law… or is it Sod’s Law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Try going through your times tables when in the scanner… I find it helps.

Pat xx

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Good Luck Don!

my little grandson had one on Friday, bless him! he had an itch so wriggled and they had to start again! Daughter in law said otherwise he was as good as gold and suprisingly even with all the banging and clanging he wasn’t scared.

by the way Don as far as I am concerned 12.30 is pretty much the crack of dawn!!

love Nina x

sorry about the lack of caps…its nothing to do with me!


Good luck Don. I don’t envy you and would be very happy if I have to wait another 20 years for another MRI. Sadly I’m extremely claustrophobic and need valium to go in. I had about 7 scans in 3 years, 4 of which were in 1 year while they figured out what was wrong with me, sent me for surgery and then the follow up scans to make sure the op was successful etc. I found the process very traumatic and just hope that my new Neuro is very relaxed about keeping tabs on my lesions. Now that we have a dx I’m sure they’ll not be as necessary.

Please let us know how you get on.

Cath xx


Good luck with it all Don, I had one done at Medway hospital a couple of weeks ago, it was ok, I haven’t had results yet but we weren’t kept waiting and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

I hope it goes ok.

Wendy x

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Hello Don,

Whenever I’ve had an MRI. I’ve pretended that I was going to be “conditioned” in the style of a scene from Doctor Who-it helps the time go! The last time I was stuck into the capsule by a male nurse who seemed to delight in tapping into my bloodstream but came out to three young nurses. “Ive been transported to heaven” I said.

Best wishes, Steve.

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