MRI yesterday

Well it didn’t go quite as planned! Got there everything was fine . I managed 30 mins in there before i had to press the buzzer . I was sick everywhere ! It was so embarrassing . All over the gown , my face , floor etc :frowning: I could feel myself burning up in there , but just so wanted to stay in there to get it done . Anyway after they had cleaned everything I went back in it . I managed another 15 ish minutes . I was gutted as I I my had 8 mins left , but I felt so unwell . They think they got enough though , they got just over half way down my back . I asked if they had ever had anyone be sick before . They replied no your our first lol It turns out it wasnt the MRI , I have caught my little girls sickness bug ! So Im all tucked up in bed today . Still feeling very sorry for the ladies that had to clean up after me . Anyway the actual MRI wasn’t that bad ,I had the radio on the headphones and the lady spoke to me and told me how long each bit was going to take . So now is just the wait for the results . Sam x

Aww bless you xxxx

MRI’s are bad enough without having a bug! I’m sure he ladies are well prepared though - people are having them because they are ill for one reason or another xxx

So glad you got the bulk of it done & if they need to do the rests I’m sure they’ll call you back xxxjenxxx

Sorry to hear your story Sam, My mum say’s she hates them too, I didn’t mind mine I just thought of myself as being on Star Trek which I am a huge fan lol

I felt really nauseated during my first MRI but thought it was nerves. When I came out I mentioned it to the radiographer and she told me a colleague of hers felt ill if she put her head in machine apparently it was to do with the magnets. I wonder did anyone else feel this way.

I know in your case Sam it was a bug and not the machine.

Hope you fell better soon.

Hi Sam One thing I have prob with so I sympathise. I have had 2 x scans and pressed the button each time ( 5 times in total). First time I did 2 min, the last time I did 10 min before pressing. You think it’s embarrassing 3 times with one scan, and twice with second I came out each time sweating, dry mouth, raised heartbeat, general panic symptoms. The only problem is my shoulders touch the sides, that’s what does it. Glad you I ally had done, I must be a wimp. Mike

I had a panic attack during my first MRI last month! I was only in there about 30 seconds! She didn’t even get the first 30 second scan done! I had no idea I was claustrophobic until then. I could feel my throat closing up, my lungs felt like they weren’t working, I couldn’t breath and felt like I was going to be sick. I squeazed on that little black bulb alarm thing they give you and said “Get me out!”

I sat on the bed struggling for breath saying I felt as though I want to be sick. Radiographer said to try get my heart rate down and that she wouldn’t try get me in there again. She advised I go to my GP and get some diazepam to relax me. I did and my GP said he was the same when he had an MRI!

I managed about 5 minutes with 6mg diazepam the second time. Radiographer did the short scans and I was in and out so quickly. The second time I was prepared for what might happen (and spaced out a little on the meds) and although I still felt a bit panicked, I remembered my breathing exercises that time and I got through it.

It was horrendous though and I don’t ever want another one!

Well if i have to have another one im going to take something first .Im just really hoping they got enough. Listening to thr radio really helped .The only thing i didnt like was the cage thingy for my brain scan.I think the main thing was that i was sick, but because i know its a bug im sure it wouldnt happen again .

Im pleased to know im not the only one that had to press the button though.

Sam x

It’s bad enough having that cage over the head and being in the scanner itself without having a bug to contend with too.Well done Sam for getting through it despite being so unwell, I’m not sure that I could have.

I hope that you intend you rest up as much as possible for now?

On a slightly different note…the first thing I thought of when that horrible cage thingy was put over my head for the mri was…Hannibal Lector…LOL…Little things and all that…!

(((hugs Sam))) I hope you can shake this sickness bug very soon

Debbie xx

Thats so funny you said that cos thats what i thought of lol

Think the bug is going now, havent been sick since yesterday morning ,which is good .Eye sight is dreadful this morning so will be resting as much possible this weekend .

Sam x

The last one I had I told them to take mirror off cage so I could not see through the tube


On a slightly different note…the first thing I thought of when that horrible cage thingy was put over my head for the mri was…Hannibal Lector [/quote]

I said same thing! lol