Hi to all you lovelies :-)

Sorry I haven’t been around recently…just needed some space.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) for those that need it.

Well today I start my phased return to work after 6 months off . I’ve been given a works laptop and will be working at home until the end of the month. I’ll then be back in my lab working a couple of hours a day to start off with. So worried as I don’t know whether I going to be able to do it. My job is very stressful and I’m in charge of the day to day running of the lab.

I know I won’t know until I try so I suppose I should just get on with it and see how I go

Thanks for reading.



Hi Oonagh, Hope you are OK and that you had a good Christmas and New Year. I know how you feel about taking time out - we all need to at some point! You will be understandably anxious about your return to work but bearing in mind that it is a stressful job - don’t overdo it. I think you will find it very tiring to begin with so take it slowly. Take care of yourself and don’t try to run before you can walk! Lol. Teresa xx

Thank you Teresa. I’m just finding it really hard to get my head round everything. Access to work contacted, MS nurses contacted, DLA form (looked at and ran away ). All I keep thinking about is the person I was, its just so upsetting.

Deary me, so sorry for the miserable post, am sure I’ll be my old self in a few days


Hi Oonagh, a big step for you hon but take it slowly… ‘one minute at a time!’

When we are ‘home alone’ with out MS it’s a bit like being in a nice safe bubble… so getting back to work is stepping outside that bubble hon… very scary. Even though at first you will be at home… it will still be ‘at work’.

But remind yourself you are a tough cookie!!! You got through a dx of MS without falling to pieces and you can now get back to work and be ok… AND if you can’t manage it, well then you will work it out at that time.

Teresa’s advice is very good… don’t run before you can walk (lol… but it does make sense!)

Thinking of you hon,

Pat x

Good to hear from you Oonagh, space helps sometimes BUT great to have you backtake care M

Thank you Pat and M. I think I’m trying to keep too many things held together and little pieces are falling off.

Thank you all for your good advice.


Hi again Oonagh, How did the start of your return to work go? I think we all have those days when the grief of what we have lost overwhelms us. I know I do from time to time. It will pass and you will feel able to cope again but I guess it’s not surprising that it happens. It is surely inevitable. Stay strong, you’ll get through it - you are still you! Hoping you’re feeling better today, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa To sum up my return to work…knackered :slight_smile: its definitely baby steps for me. Hopefully it will help with the slight fug I’m in. Thank you for your lovely words. XXXX

I thought you would be knackered afterwards - as you say, baby steps only! I hope you start feeling more yourself soon. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

I have started my ‘big fat MS diary’ and putting everything from what I eat, how I feel, what I did that day etc, etc. Its quite cathartic so it is I think I’m just a bit overwhellmed (sp?) with all the appointments, form filling blah blah blah blah blah!

Also a bit sad as my parents were coming to visit (from Newcastle) yesterday and I left all the decorations up so we could have one more christmas day My mammy called yesterday morning to say they had all come down with a tummy bug I was sooooo looking forward to seeing them. Never mind, they are coming next weekend so I’m leaving the decs up until then LOL!

Hope you and all the lovelies have a good day



Hi Oonagh The diary sounds a great idea - ordinary diaries are a great record of someone’s life, so I’m sure an ms diary will be really useful. Especially if you have to report back to the neuro about new symptoms and how long you’ve had them etc. Sorry that your parents have had to postpone their visits. There are loads of horrible viruses doing the rounds. I’m hoping none of my children will bring any home! I’m sure you’ll enjoy their visit even more as you will have had even more time to get excited about it. Lol re: the decorations. Hope they won’t need to stay up too long! Take care, Teresa xx

re. the decs…I don’t mind at all…I wish I could keep them up all year

Hi Oonah, diary sounds like a good plan.

Sorry the family had to postpone visit… but good excuse to keep the dec’s up!

Pat x

LOL! Any excuse Pat. They just make me smile and smiles are really needed .

I must admit, this year is the first year I have been sad to see them go. Usually I can’t wait to clear up and get back to normal but it all looks so drab now. At least I have kept out my huge,cuddly reindeer, Rudy. He usually goes back in the loft in a black bin bag but my 16 yo son pointed out that he was traumatized being shut in a dark loft all year so he is now sprawled on my bed. Hurrah! Sorry we are a bit nutty in my house! Teresa xx

Well you’re clearly as nutty as me Teresa! I have a huge collection of teddies that are in bin bags in my mammy’s loft (no room here) and I had to make sure they were all facing the right way up so they could breathe…now that’s nutty LOL!

Hahaha… i was given a hand-knitted doll for Xmas… I like that Danish TV programme ‘The Killing’ & the doll is the lead character Sarah Lund (thanks to my extremely clever friend Kathy).

Anyway her booties kept falling off so had to sew them on… felt so guilty sticking needle into her legs… … luckily no one was here to hear me say sorry!!!

We are all nutty on here!

Pat x

We are indeed!

I am just the same with the breathing thing. I cannot bear it if any of the toys in the house are face down. I have to turn them the right way up! Also Pat, if I mend any of them, I end up apologising for sticking a needle in them. Glad I’m not the only mad one! Teresa xx

We all must be mad lol I like that when the Xmas santas go away. Hope your return to work goes well, take small steps and I’m sure you will get there, remember your body will tell you when enough is enough. lets hope the pregabalin does its job for you. When filling in your DLA form your diary will be invaluable, I would suggest you get the assistance of CABor a welfare rights organisation as they know how to fill in the form and how it should be worded and with your diary that will be a great help. Hope I’m not treading on your toes as you may already be doing it for tht reason but just a thought. Good luck x