Its been a while

Hey Lovelies

So sorry I’ve been off the radar for a bit. A lot has happened since I was made redundant…obviously the whole coping with the redundancy, my mammy had 2 life saving operations, I lost my Gran (she was a huge part of our lives) and a whole host of other cr**p

I haven’t been following posts so hope that everyone is as well as they can be. Anyway, I just thought I’d pop my head in.



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Hi Oonagh,

So sorry you’ve had such an awful time, hope things will improve in the meantime take care of yourself.

Nina x

Hello Oonagh.

Nice to hear from you again. That all sounds a bit traumatic. I hope your mammy recovers well and soon and I hope you can take comfort in the emergence of spring and the lighter evenings.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Oonagh, nice to hear from you but so sorry you’ve had such a bad time.

Hope your mothers makes full recovery and you are doing ok.

All the best,

Pat xx

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oonagh sorry to hear you have been having such a bad time of it,i hope things pick up for you very soon,sorry to hear about your Gran too


J x

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Awwww, thanks so much for your kind words everyone. My mammy has now made a full recovery…she’s an amazing woman

As for me, I now have the delights of foot drop and bad spasms at night. I’m now taking baclofen which makes me feel rubbish. I’m now really concentrating on my physio in the hope that I can stop taking it.

I hope you’re all having some lovely weather and getting out there for a good dose of Vit D.



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Hi Oonagh

Nice to hear from you, sorry to hear things have not been good, hope life can be kinder to you soon.

Take care ((((hugs))))

Pam x

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Hey Oonagh

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a tough time hugs

Hope things turn around Good to hear from you

Sonia x

Hi Oonagh. Like the others I’m sorry to hear about what’s happened in your life recently. Glad to hear your mum’s recovering but how sad for you to lose your gran. I hope you settle into your retirement, that alone is a big thing without the rest of your problems. Fingers crossed the physio helps. Take care of yourself.

Cath x

Thank you for your kind words girls. Cath, retirement sounds so weird I’m only 45 LOL. I live in hope that one day I will be able to work again…I so miss my job. Last year was horrid so I think I’m due a good year. Here’s hoping


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Hi sending you all the best wishes l can look forward to the summer and the warmer days hopefully it will does use all good a bit of Vit D, take care regards Jan xxxx

Hi not sure if we’ve met but just wanted to say sorry the past year has been difficult for you and yours, life just keeps on dishing out the bad stuff sometimes. Good your mammy has recovered I just love to hear a grown up person call their mam mammy

Jan x

Hi Jan, nice to meet you As for my mammy…it’s the geordie and irish in me


I knew it was an Irish thing but hadn’t realised the Geordies used it as an adult I’m only 40ish miles away in Teesside. I remember when news broke of the Tsunami, 2004 Boxing Day I think it was, I was busy in the kitchen with the news on in the background, i’m ashamed to say I misheard and thought The Toon army was misbehaving.

I still say ‘me mam’ which along with ‘our mam’ is the Teesside way.

Jan x