Just a quick hi :-)

Hey lovelies,

Just want to say a quick hi. Sorry I haven’t been around, lots happening and have also been pretending I don’t have MS .

Just been reading some of your posts to try and catch up.

Also, hi to all our new members

Sitting at work typing this and have to keep looking over my shoulder LOL!

When I get time I’ll fill you in on the latest happenings.

For now, take care.

Much love



Hi Oonagh! Was wondering how you’re doing.

Yep when you have time give us a catch up. Hope work’s going ok and your managing your symptoms ok.

Take care and ‘speak’ soon,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

I will have a catch up soon. A little taster…I have a new consultant and he’s an MS specialist, he also works closely with my MS nurse .



I just posted this but it must have got lost in the ether.

Hi Pat,

I will catch up soon. A little taster…I have a new consultant and he’s an MS specialist, he also works closely with my MS nurse



I`ve missed you too!

What`s been occuring then?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, You’ve been missed too…someone said that you’ve been in hospital, is that right? Hope you’re ok. Love Nina x

Hi, yeh, just an overnight stay. I had a supra pubic catheter fitted.

Im doing well.......a bit sorer today, but Ill be fine.

luv Pollx

Hi Oonagh - lovely to hear from you. Hope you’re OK and that going back to work has been working out OK! Hope the new consultant is good and helpful too! Look forward to hearing from you soon, Teresa xx

Hi Oonagh,

Nice to hear from you, hope you are doing ok.

Pam x

Glad you’re doing well Poll hope it soon gets more comfortable. Nina x

Hi again, Firstly, hope you’re not so sore today Poll Xxx.

As I said, I have a new consultant. He was mentioned to me by my GP when he first referred me to neurology last Feb but obviously I couldn’t pick and choose my own consultant . The consultant I was referred to was okay but is not an MS specialist and after my last consultation earlier this year left me with ‘I’ll see you in 9 months’. So, off to my GP for a referral to the consultant he had mentioned to me.

Within a month I had my appointment. I have now seen him along with my MS nurse and if I may start from the end…when I left his surgery I told him he was a breath of fresh air. He showed me my MRI scans (which I’ve never seen) and explained that he was not happy with either the quality or the way they had been taken. So, I am booked in for another MRI scan on my head and upper spine (only had head scanned last time) at the end of this month and have to have dye injected, as I’m needle phobic I’m stressing. I also have to have more blood tests so more needles, more stress. I know to some people injections are nothing but I hyperventilate so am taking diazepam before I go.

I am seeing my consultant a week later for my results……if he wasn’t on annual leave I would have seen him for the results the day of the scan!! I had to wait for 3 months the last time I had a scan.
To sum up, regardless of the outcome of the new tests I feel so much more looked after.

Regarding work, I’m doing okay, building back up to full time. Don’t know how long I can keep it up but for now its one day at a time. 45 redundancies at work and we find out who next week. I’m safe (for now) but so feel for the 120 people who were given ‘at risk’ letters.

Apologies again for not being around recently.

Much love
xxxx (these are all the smilies that were supposed to go in the body of the message LOL but everytime I used them it deleted my message)