back to work soon

I thought I’d share the news to keep things rolling!! I am returning to work in a couple of weeks, awaiting new computer program ,dictaphone & keyboard guard. I will only be working 3 n half hours day 5 days a week. I’m a little nervous as my health has declined somewhat since last there in Jan, but I’m excited at the prospect of feeling a little alive again.

Pauline xx

Oh Pauline I am so pleased for you and proud of you!!! Of course you’re a bit nervous, only natural. Remember to be very careful. Pace yourself. Don’t plan to do anything in the evening esp at first. Let us know how it goes… all fingers and toes crossed that it goes well. Pat xx

Pauline…well done and ditto to all Pat said! Good luck, Nina x

Good luck Pauline, yes, let us know

Sonia x

I will keep you posted either sat with a box of tissues or a box of chocolates. Xx

Hi Pauline,

Well done, take it steady, hope it all goes well for you.

Pam x

Really pleased for you Pauline, it’s a huge boost to your morale I’m sure. Do you feel like you’re getting your identity back? I was excited when I was able to work for a few months. Good luck, buy the chocolate, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it but as the others have said, pace yourself and rest.

Cath xx

Yah great news Pauline, but go steady

It is so great to have the support of your employer. I have had many adaptations to my work station, special trolleys to push work around in, chairs etc., Working is really hard due to my physical limitations but at least work have tried their best to help. All the best when you sit back at your desk… Lou x Oh p.s if they give you dragon speak or any other software that helps you to command the computer… good luck. I end up laughing, or my words come out wrong, you can just imagine, I can’t even sit in a photo booth and keep a straight face. Let me know how you get on :slight_smile: x

I am having dragon speak,along with 4 sessions on using it, sounds like I’ll have some fun with it!! I should have been starting back tomorrow but my employer has suggested I leave it a couple more weeks so that the other adaptions are in place first ,I telephoned g.p surgery asking for sick note to cover this time, he left a note for 3 months sick? Receptionist was laughing,here’s hoping he writes one for a month at the very most, I’ll find out tomorrow!! Dr not too pleased i want to return to work. I need to return for sanity sake, if it is unmanageable then I’ve at least tried.

Pauline x

I don’t know how I managed to fit work in. I miss being able to work but not the actual work. Sounds like you have a caring employer if it is to much try part time ? Don’t make yourself a martyr your actual quality of life and those around you is important too.

Hi Don, I’m part-time now 18hrs week, I’m nervous about returning and hoping I can cope with it, I need to try I’m 47 and would be happier if I can work a few more years, I feel valued being at work my work entails helping older people maximise their quality of life being their advocate, mapping services, monitoring care delivered, safeguarding & just listening, along with the admin work, health & safety, budgeting etc.

I love my kids to bits 3 of them are in their early 20"s and at home, since I’ve been off work these last 3 months they have drove me mad, I’m picking up after them!! See what time they get out of their pits,reluctance to help around the house, even the moaning to go to the local shop. My fault I know, I’ve done too much for them over the years and made them lazy.I used to be fit enough to manage the house, activities and hold down a full time job they still see me able to do all this. I’m Working on them, but it is exhausting 1 step forward, 2steps back.

So work has always been for me.


Hi Pauline

My feelings about work were the same as yours, and it was a very sad time when I could no longer do it, but with hindsight it was the best thing for me.

Hope you enjoy it, take it steady and remember to pace yourself.

Pam x

Update : not returned to work yet! H.R want another meet following reply from consultant re: my needs in the workplace. As time passes I’m losing belief in my ability to sustain my job.


Don’t give up yet Pauline. You want to be working, you seem to have supportive employers, no reason to chuck it in. You will know when the real time to stop comes. For me as a self employed person it came when I had accepted a violin repair and six months later I had still not faced up to doing it. Then it was time to relinquish all my responsibilities to other people and allow myself to face each day knowing I could work on my own projects or not, as I chose. Hopefully for you that time is a long way off yet. Kev x

Ps I have found that working at home with a laptop is very compatible with resting. Work a bit, snooze, work a bit, day dream… Actually that’s just like being at work, isn’t it! Kev x

Ps I’ve found working at home on a laptop is very amenable. Work a bit, snooze a bit, work a bit, day dream a bit, work a bit, do some emails and forum posts… Wait a minute, that’s just like work!

Don’t give up on yourself Pauline, not if it’s you want. MS can SO easily strip away our confidence…don’t let it! As Kev says you’ll know when the time is right. Good luck, Nina x

Pauline please don’t get despondent. I had the same situation, was off for 6 months, went back for a few months and really struggled, went off sick again for 2 years, then I was medically retired. I was so upset, felt worthless, lost my confidence and got a bit depressed. A few months later I realised that it was the right time for me to give up. I’d felt a lot better while I was off and able to rest when I needed to and didn’t currently live with the stress of “you’d better rest this weekend (or today) as it’s work tomorrow” or “I feel really unwell but I can’t let them down” scenarios.

You’ll know when it’s time to stop working, and I fully understand your need to do so, but when the time comes for decisions look at both sides. I’m now much better in myself without the stress of work / life balance, my relationship with my daughter and other family has improved as they were always worried about me. I have found my identity again, not as a nurse but a mum and have hobbies that provide a real sense of achievement without much effort.

Please don’t let this time stress you out, see it as a rest and recuperation period before you go back to work. Take care.

Cath xx