we have moved

Hi all just to let you know we have moved into our little bungalow so nice garage still a tip most of the boxes empty still cannot find my little teapot just two mugs big so making it in the mugs it will turn up.we got our keys at 1pm and was told to hand old keys in to the office by 5.30 what a mad rush so pleased that my daughters friends came to help. take care all regards Jan xx


Oh lovely!

You`ll get sorted out in time…dont over do things and get lots of rest.

If youre now sleeping downstairs as opposed to up, hope thats better for you. It can take a bit of getting used to.

luv Pollx

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Congratulations Jan, wishing you happiness in your new home.

at least you’ve found the mugs and kettle, the rest will come in time xxx

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Well done Jan!!!

That’s the worst bit over. Now remember, it doesn’t all have to get done at once. Take it slowly.

Glad you found the essential tea things… and the tea pot will turn up.

Wishing you many years of happiness in your lovely new home.

Pat xx

Wishing you ‘Good Luck’ in your new home, Jan- Get a good nights sleep and start looking for the tea-pot in the morning.

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wishing you every happiness in your new home,take your time unpacking though.

J x

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Brilliant Jan, take it steady, it will all get sorted in time.

No more stairs…yippee

Pam x

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Good news, Jan

The worst is over. Enjoy your new home. I have no regrets in moving into our flat. Life is so much easier with no stairs.

Mags xx

That’s fab news Jan, it’s been a long time coming! And I wish you many many happy years ahead in your new home

Love Polly xxx

Happy New Home Jan, ditto what the others are saying, take it one box at a time there’s no hurry to get finished.

I moved to my little bungalow four years next March it’s the best thing I ever did. Took a bit of getting used to not having as much space although it was great not having so much housework.

Jan x

Welcome to your new home

Michelle x

Wishing you very very much happiness in your new home Jan.

As everyone has said, now your in every thing will eventually fall into place, in the meantime try to be kind to yourself!

Take care,

Nina X

We moved into a bungalow about 6 weeks ago, it wasn’t a faultless move and we had workmen in numerous times for the first few weeks but I understand totally the happiness at removing those stairs! I love it tho

Sonia x

Well done and congratulations. The teapot will turn up, in my experience about a week after buying a replacement


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Hi all, well boxes unpacked well almost trying to find homes for all of it, daughters wardrobe wood not go upstairs to her loft bedroom so hubby took hammer to it. so now has to make her a new one out of the bits or we just may look for a rail,O T coming to look round to see if l can have a hand rail in wet room and at the door, well all l will get on washer stopped hav to shout of hubby to hang it out while the suns out. Take care all with the strong winds coming regards Jan xx

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Pleased your getting sorted, did your teapot turn up,i expect it did lol,hope you settle in your new home,sounds like you are doing

J x

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Hi Mrs J,

I keep imaging you having to drink coffee…has the teapot turned up yet?

Nina x

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Hi all no Nina teapot still missing daughters friend cleared the kitchen for me l think it may have been left on the window sill she may not have seen it for the blinds l will put a new one on my Xmas list it was a good one two cups big. not a lover of coffee so a teabag in a mug take care all regards Jan

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Glad it’s going well. That teapot must be somewhere!

Pat xx

Hi all weather getting cold we have had teething problems with te bungalow hopefully we are getting there my teapot did not turn up so its ub Xmas list for new one. l love been on one level l have been doing a wash a day as little room to dry it inside l do worry about using the tumbler a lot until we get the bills sorted.

l am at the hospital 3rd dec for next scan hope all goes well.

Take care all regards Jan xxxx