Slowly coming back to life!

Hi my darlings… sorry I’ve been so absent. The Big Birthday really did me in and have had mega fatigue.

But feeling a bit of life coming back…

Hope you’re all doing well and have a lovely weekend,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Glad to see you back, was wondering if your birthday bash had

done you in. It’s lovely to have these events, but they sure do take their

toll on us.

Take it steady, one day at a time.

Pam x

Indeed Pam… I don’t think I’ll be doing a Big Birthday again.

But it is funny how during that week my energy held up ok… it was when I ‘came down’ that the fatigue hit. I say ‘came down’ because it was really like I was high on a drug for a while there.

Big Rest this week… going on holiday next Saturday… oh my!

Pat x

Sometimes you don’t mind tiring yourself out, it’s a different fatigue when you’ve done something enjoyable to the form that hits when you didn’t deserve it. Glad you had a good time and have a rest before your holiday. Are you going somewhere nice?

Cath x

Glad to see you back Pat - thought the Big Birthday Bash might take its toll on you. Have a lovely restful week in preparation for your holiday on Saturday. Teresa xx

Thanks girls.

Yes Cath, going to a hotel in Herefordshire for older & disabled people, for 5 days. Going with 4 of my neighbours, and the holiday includes door-to-door transport (well for £100 extra but I think that is SO worth it… as quite honestly I wouldn’t be going if it meant taxi’s and trains).

It’s owned by the Rotary Club of Birmingham and run as a charity… so, with the transport the 5 days is £380 inc breakfast and dinner… trips out and evening entertainment.

I’ll report back! I know some of you are younger but for us oldies it sounds good.

The Wye Valley! Said to be one of the most beautiful areas of Britain.

Dead excited!

Pat xxx

Nice to have you back Pat. The place seemed emptier without you.

Good to know you’re doing ok. Enjoy your trip to Herts and look after yourself,

Sounds great Pat. Some of us are younger but that sounds like a lovely break. I like quiet and scenic and you definitely can’t grumble at the deal you got. I hope you enjoy it, any break away is welcome sometimes.

Cath x

Welcome back Pat, Seems as though we’ve all missed you! You’re so right about the Wye valley, make sure you get plenty of rest! xxx

Hi hun.

Sorry to hear your birthday bash whooped you!

us 60 Golden Girls do find partying tiring now. But isnt it nice when we can do nowt!

I am finding entertaining folk at home a chore now. I darent admit this to anyone but this forum, for fear of being called a party pooper!

Hope the holiday is good…rest well before hand, yeh?

luv Pollx

Thanks darling. Yep I too find visitors very tiring. I can’t wait for them to go. Awful isn’t it?

I’m having a nice restful day lying on bed listening to radio stuff on iplayer and playing spider solitaire… that’s enough excitement for me!

I plan to take it very easy. My lovely cleaner Reaz is on holiday whole of August… so I’ll just have to let the cleaning go hang! I do the everyday stuff… but rely on Reaz for all the hoovering, mopping, bathroom etc. Actually changed my own bedding the other day… Jeez it just about did me in and took ages!

Now back to spider solitaire…

Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Have a lovely holiday, if you get the chance of any excursions to

Symonds Yat and Tintern Abbey, I recommend you take them. The

scenery along that valley is breathtaking, but mind you, best not to do

the rock climbing or abseiling that they do at the Rock at Symonds


I am sure you will enjoy yourself and marvel at the scenery.

Pam x

Thanks Pam. I saw someone climbing that rock on last week’s Countryfile. Couldn’t pay me enough! (well impossible anyway!).

Lots of jokes here about how we’re all going to climb the rock… lol…

They do a trip to Tintern Abbey and that’s a definite yes for me. I love old abbey’s. Not sure how far I’ll get looking round it in wheelchair though.

Also the hotel has mob scooters for free loan and their bus has wheelchair lift… so I’m hoping they can get a scooter on the bus.

That is all of course depending if I ever get any energy to do anything. If not, they have lovely garden so I can just sit and enjoy the countryside and the views.

Pat xxx

Great to have you back PatM

Glad to see you back Pat. Have a fab holiday and do get some rest this week. Take care Linda x

Have a good holiday Pat sunds like it is needed after all your shinanigans

Have a lovely holiday Pat, it sounds fab.



May I suggest a Pimms if lack of energy is a problem and you are sitting looking at the lovely viewsM

What a grand idea! Oh I do miss being able to have a little tipple… makes me too dizzy. I’ve become a tee total person…

Started my packing. Had to actually dust the suitcase LOL…

Hope all doing ok?

Started out lovely in London but now very overcast and a bit chilly…

Pat xx

Bit wet and miserable here in Herefordshire, Hope it improves for your holiday Pat xx