I am back!


Regulars may have noted my abscence!

I have had a mega relapse-starting 6 weeks ago.2 weeks sleeping for 20 hrs a day. S;lowly i am getting stronger. the right side of body is not working at all-like a line down half body.mouth is frozen-like derosting at dentist.limbs hanging.i lost my speech-couldnt not understand words and got all mixed up.stll sruggling with speeci have been left talking in a foreign accent!

i was fed and washed by mum.carers in regulsarly-dont know how long for as yet.

I just wanted to let those that know me that i am ok-coping and laughing alot to help boost endorphins!

take care all

ellie x

And there was me thinking you were about to tell us about your return from a fab holiday… how wrong could I be.

You poor thing,it sounds like a truely horrible time and what on earth have you found to laugh at?

Well at least now you can face the computer the cyber army can carry you along for a bit.

Take care.


Hi Ellie

Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time of it, let’s hope that you

have now turned the corner to recovery. It’s great to hear that even when

things are bleak that you can still laugh, that’s one thing ms cannot take

from you…your sense of humour.

Take care and keep smiling



i laughed at the fawlty towers care team i had in plce! (mum and dad!)

i had to think what to do-body was goosed but i kept mind strong.i knew it waste of time fighting-the ms had taken what it wanted but i was keeping my mind!

it was 2 weeks before i could talk to my son-i talk like a dalek but he was pleased to hear me.

ellie x

over time i hope to tell u more

thanks pam

i should say-i was not at home and i wasnt going in to a greek hosp!

ellie x

Oh Ellie,

Wondered where you had gone love. Im so sorry youve had it so rough and still coming to terms with the changes. Im glad your mum and carer were there for you, it helps to have people around you you personally know.

Sending you lots of ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) together we can share, care and hold your hand in friendship. I missed you, welcome back.

take care,



We`ve all missed you, and hope that you will make a speedy recovery.

Sending a big hug and xxxx


What a miserable time you’ve had and are having. I’m so impressed by your strength. You’re an inspiration. Hope you get back to good health soon and stay that way. All the best, Karen


Not been on here for a while myself. So sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time. So good to hear that you can still laugh. Always remember that you have a lot of friends on here, holding your hand through the bad times, also the good times. Take good care,


E, so good you’re on the mend.H told me via E-mail,but your land line just plays music and your mobile goes straight to answer.I know you’ve got problems,but at least your typing is as good as ever.

Wb xx

Hi Ellie Sorry you have been so poorly but glad that you are on the mend. You have obviously had an awful time but it’s great that you have had wonderful care and support. The fact that you can laugh is awesome - you are a strong person and have got through your troubles this far. You can do it! Lovely to have you back and I hope you keep getting stronger and stronger. Teresa xx

Hi Wb

I have changed number so u cant find me! lol!

Number is still same but to be honest I am not making much sense! Will let u know when can talk.

Mobile same too-I can text-I will reply (when awake!)

Glad u got message-I asked H to let you know.

ellie x

ps have u ever understood a word i said anyway???!!!

Hi Ellie, So sorry you’ve been having such a rough time but glad you’re slowly getting back to ‘norm’. Keep that sense of humour up and you’ll get there quicker.

Sending (((((HUGS)))))



Sorry to hear what a horrible time you’ve had, I hope you carry on improving more and more. It’s good to see you’ve kept your sense of humour, take care,xxjo

Loud and sort of clear.Don’t forget I’ve known you for a while,so of course it makes sense…Just get better girl, then you can talk at me all you want.E-mail me when you like

Laters, Wb xx

Just seen this Ellie. So sorry about the relapse! Glad you seem to be on the mend now though.


Karen x

Hi Ellie, sorry you’ve been so bad hon… glad you’re feeling better and fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

Pat x

Sorry you’ve been so rough Ellie. (((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))

Hope you get well soon.

Belinda xxx


Have you any input from neurophysio. My last mega relapse took all the movement from my left side and without them I think I’d still be in a wheelchair.

Are the kids coping?

I really feel for you Ellie.


hi liz

the kids are coping brill-youngest 2 havent know any dff-they were 3 and 4 when i was diagnosed.17 yr old son is brill!eldest daughter no longer at home-now far away.

gp is brill-hes coming to home next week.

right side was completely numb,now can move fingers tho still no power, leg is getting stronger daily. was referred to physio (not neuro one as doesnt exist here!) still waiting but i rebember physi from last time and doing what i can, had to be pushed in chair last week but can manage short distances walking now so am heading in right direction!

i have laughed alot! as i said,body is testing me but my mind remains strong and focussed,for 2 years nbow i have weekly meditation and i believe that has helped greatly.

one day i will tell u re fawlty towers care service! made me laugh so much i wet6 bed x3!!! lol, i said it was there own fault!!

ellie x

ps my goal is to attempt stairs on wed-i want i my bed!downstairs on bedsetee just now.