Hi's good to be back!

Haven't been on the new website due to 'teething' problems! Had to change password and then kept getting kicked out, but hopefully that's me back catHave missed all the chat. Hope everyone is doing ok. Got a big surprise this morning when I saw the snow! Very festive. Had a rotten time of late, had flu jab and 2 days later got a rotten cold which made my ms symptoms worse. Only just feeling better (the cold was 6 weeks ago)! Anyone else experience this?

Look fwd to chatting again. Take care.

Love Helen xxx

Hi Helen, Sorry to hear that you've been unwell. I can't remember if I know you but that could just be a 'memory' thing - it's not sore but it can be a wee bit frustrating! Merry Christmas when it comes and glad that you have mastered the new website.

Marcus. X mas x.