Hi all

Hi I haven’t been on here for ages, since the new site is anyone finding it easier now. Hope you are all doing ok and a belated happy new year.


I’ve just started coming back on here too trying to give it another try. Still don’t really like it but I think we’re stuck with it.

Hope you’re well



Hi, lovely to see your name again.

I have also struggled with the new set up…but I manage to get by somehow.

How are you?

luv Pollx

I’m not too bad Poll, how are you. Seems like ages since we spoke xxx

Hi Poll I am ok, how are you? I have a funny arm at the moment, it feels like I have been stung, at times it is very painful. The wonders of ms, it just like to keep me on my toes. I am off to sunnier climates next week I am so looking forward to it and spending sometime with my lovely hubby. We had a new addition to the family 5 weeks ago a beautiful grandson, George, so I have even very busy and am so looking forward to a relaxing week. last time we chatted you were trying to get a hoist sorted, hope it all worked out for you. Karen xxx