Hi everyone.

Just thought as I had not been on in a while I would check in and see how you all are. Just because I don’t post too much just now does not mean I am not thinking about you and wonder how life is for you all.

How is the weather affecting everyone, glad to see the back of the summer if heat is an issue?

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Linda x

hi lindylou

the heat made me 10 times worse but the cold makes my legs hurt!

just no pleasing some folk eh?

i’m puddling along.

money issues (lack of) is more of a problem than my ms at the moment.

it’s because i feel responsible for the whole family.

still have some good stuff going on, like organising a meet up for all the msers in my local area.

how are you doing?

carole x

Hi guys, all is quite good here at the moment. Like both of you said about the cold it seems to be affecting Rachael differently to what the heat did. She was a little more fatigued during the hottest parts of summer this year and at times had to be cooled down with cold towels and fans, was looking forward to the cold weather so she would not overheat but she still seems to be overheating, driving her home from work she is hanging out the window while I am driving with the heater on full aimed at me and wrapped up. Now the weather is starting to get icy feeling she is saying that her skin hurts when she gets chilled, it is all over and is very sensitive. One minute she is overheating, the next chilled and sore skin. Can’t keep up with all the different things with this damned disease.

Carole, it’s a shame you have the extra burden of carrying a family financially, that can’t be good for your stress levels. Hope you get lot’s of people to meeting and it’s a great success.

Jen, glad you are getting out and meeting people again, Rachael is back to having no one but me in her life. Her friend who moved to Glasgow which was about 30 miles away from us has moved back home and has not seen or contacted Rachael since. Rachael has tried to make arrangements but receives no reply to texts or a promise of a phone back which never happens. She believes her friend used her as she was the only one who would visit her in Glasgow and now she is back home she is in touch with her old friends with no room for Rachael. Glad you have your painting to keep you occupied and if it’s something you enjoy all the better. Think Rachael has to get herself a hobby, just don’t know what though.

Linda x

Hi Linda, have I remembered this right… Rachel went off to uni/college…how did that work out, apart from her friend letting her down?

I am almost always cold and wrap up in bed, in my chair, outside.

It`s nice to see you again.And to hear how Rachel is doing.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, Rachael started a modern apprenticeship in childcare early on this year. She was at college and had to leave after diagnosis. She has started driving lessons and passed her theory test yesterday so hopefully just a few more hours of driving before her test and she will be even more independent.

At the moment she is wrapped in a blanket lying on the floor in front of the fire. She is frozen today.

Hope you are managing to still get out and about.

Linda x